Monster Hunter 3G Sells Big On Launch Weekend

Saturday saw the launch of Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS in Japan, a revised portable version of the Wii title, Monster Hunter Tri.

In just two days the game has sold 471,055 units, the new release contributing towards record sales week for the Nintendo 3DS with 378,114 platforms sold. That’s more than console’s launch week.

We’ve yet to hear how well the 3DS “Circle Pad” fared during the game’s launch weekend. Though we’ve been fairly pessimistic about Nintendo’s peripheral, the inclusion of a second analog is near-essential for hardcore Monster Hunter players.

The numbers are impressive but still far from the thunderous success of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP which racked 2.14 million sales within its first five days of availability.

Source: Andriasang


  1. And CAPCOM saves the 3DS!

    • From what? It’s not failing, It’s doing better and better..

  2. I really want capcom to bring monster hunter to the ps3, I haven’t played it since it was on ps2 but that was easily one of the most challenging but satisfying games that I played!

  3. SONY should of done everything in their powers to get a ‘Monster Hunter’ game on the PSVita on day 1 of it coming out. Oh well :(

  4. Want to sell a lot of units of your new handheld on day 1? Make sure to have Monster Hunter as a release title.

  5. Capcom, damn your face. Hurry up and give me a Monster Hunter on PS3, or Vita, or I shall rend you asunder.

  6. This should also be on the Vita.

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