Sorcery Details Revealed

It seems the curtain has lifted on PlayStation Move title, Sorcery.

Last seen at E3 2010, the game looks to have undergone quite the redesign, which has been confirmed by Brian Upton, design director in an interview with the PS Blog:


“Coming out of E3, we knew there were some things we weren’t happy with. We really wanted to re-tool the game’s look, its world.

We had the gameplay we wanted, but it just wasn’t ready for public consumption.”

It’s actually running on a modified version of the Unreal Engine. So, what about the story behind the game?

“The hero is Finn, he’s a sorcerer’s apprentice and a real hothead: he’s always trying to learn things he’s not ready to learn yet. When the game starts, your master’s magical talking cat, Erline, dares Finn into venturing into the realm of the dead. Finn, being the guy he is, can’t resist.

In the realm of the dead, you accidentally unleash something very, very bad. The consequences are dire for you and the entire world, so the quest is to undo the trouble you’ve caused. You also begin to realize the Erline is much more than a magical talking cat: she’s central to the whole problem that you’ve created.

You’re cast somewhat in the role of Erline’s protector, you’re trying to get her from the human world to the heart of the faerie world to fix this problem.”

The game has an interesting feature that will let you combine spells, with the example used being a “Firenado”, which is a combination of fire wall and cyclone magic.

Sorcery has a planned release of spring 2012.

The entire interview can be watched below:

Source: PS Blog



  1. This game would’ve been fine with its old art style. But I like the new look. I fear its too little too late for them and no one else will buy a move for this game.

    • with over 9 million sold I think it will be ok.

    • I think a LOT of people will buy Move for this game. It needed to come out for the holidays, however. And it needed a real big marketing push. I don’t know if Sony will give it the exposure it needs in spring.

      • I hope they do because its the inly proper move game that most wanted.

    • This game is the only reason i bought move.

  2. Looks good. Nice to see it again

  3. It does look pretty nice, might have to check this out when it’s cheap.

  4. What I bought move for, but it’s been too long. Not interested anymore

    • why buy it when the game had no date?

      • Well there was a heavy early 2011 release speculation. Maybe bargain bin at best now.

    • The more time spent on refining a game, the better

    • …What? You were so interested in a game you bought a £40 peripheral. But because they put it in development for longer and made it better, you lost interest?

      Mind boggles

      • That’s what I’m thinking.
        Plus, why didn’t you wait for Sorcery to come out if it’s the only thing you wanted for the Move?
        You’d have saved money by getting it in a bundle…

      • A move pack came when I upgraded to a slim PS3. Got bundled with the 320gb. So I then thought I’d wait for the game. It’s be a year and my interest for it has just warn off.

      • that is gaming mate Mass Effect 3 got pushed back will still be there day one.

      • But it’s no where near as big as the Mass Effect franchise so doesn’t have the same effect. (btw I don’t like ME)

      • your contradicting yourself.

  5. looking great will be using the Move a lot over xmas.

  6. I don’t care how long it takes, as long as it is high quality and plays well when it is released. A promising game that could as easily be fantastic or very mediocre.

  7. Something good I can use the Move controller with? :OOOOOOO

  8. Looking forward to this lots :-)

  9. Looks great! Can’t wait for the Move bundle.

  10. I would buy a Move for this. Looks promising.

    • I would, but a little cheaper it must be. Does look like a pretty cool game though

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