Sony Confirm Vita IS Only One Account Per Machine

Will it? Won’t it? Well, no, it won’t.

Despite saying that the initial rumours were wrong (that said the PlayStation Vita only allowed one PSN account at a time) Sony have backtracked, and have today said that – yes – our worst ever fears are confirmed.

[drop2]Well, not our worst ever fears, those involve mutant potatoes and an unhealthy amount of static, but it’s still a little disappointing to read that we’ll need to factory reset the portable to change accounts.

“You will be able to just insert another memory card,” said Sony a few days back, suggesting it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

“It’s not just a case of switching out memory cards, it’s clearing out all of your saved data on the Vita itself when you do the factory reset,” said Sony today.  Not so lemony fresh now, huh?

A few of the comments recently on this suggested that this wasn’t really an issue, but whilst it won’t affect everyone, it does affect those of us with family and friends who want their own Trophies and Friends lists, and those of us with multiple PSN accounts used for buying content from different territories.

Like myself.

And it’s worth noting that this is actually worse than the already slightly messy situation on the PSP, which at least let you change PSN accounts via a few menu clicks, not forcing the user to wipe all the content off first.

We’re expecting our import Vitas in about a week, so we’ll have a look for ourselves as soon as possible.  In the meantime, be wary of those potatoes.

Via Wired, which is a lovely turn of phrase.



  1. Do fried potatoes count?

    • Fried Mutant-static-charged-Potatoes?

      • Those are the second worst kind.

  2. This article made me do a nose laugh on the podcast.

  3. In my opinion it’s not gonna make you format your memory card everytime you put it in, so you will be able to use an account per card.

    The only difference if that you have to format the machine every time you want to change accounts. You would still have your data on each card though so it’s just an extra step if anything. Not ideal but it’ll still work.

    I’ll know for sure when the Vita arrives at home next week (hopefully).

    Maybe we can play Ridge Racer online, although we may need to use the same cars, I hear there aren’t many lol.

    • Sorry, just seen your tweets.

      Yeah, I’m sure the memory card will be fine, per PSN account. But a factory reset to change accounts over is over the top, IMO.

      • Why do you think they made this decision? The PS3’s system is completely fine for user accounts

      • They want you to buy one each, not share it. That’s why.

  4. But see what happens if the universe collapses on itself? Does the Vita only have one-account capabilities after that? Seriously I need to know here.

  5. I hate having the word member next to my name, it makes me sound like a penis haha, especially when I’m so special :D

    • Alex please change his tag to “Huge throbbing cockmonster”

      • Now I can see why you are on the naughty step. :D

      • If you had read what I wrote the other day it really should read “Locked away in a dungeon away from mankind so as not to inect the world with utter, utter filth”

    • On the other hand, wotta member has a flattering ring to it, in more way’s than one hehe.

  6. Doesn’t bother me, I’ve only got one account, can’t be bothered with all that multiple accounts malarkey.

    • Ditto! It’s super effective.

  7. Seriously, fuck you Sony.
    I’m getting tired of supporting a company slowly eroding a customers rights.
    Sure, the ‘law’ might back up what they’re doing but it’s unfair and unethical, I want the right to be able to use stuff I’ve purchased the way I want, not how they want me to.

    • This has absolutely zero, zip and a big fat zilch to do with your rights Jon, in fairness.

      • Yeah, not really sure where that came from.

      • If it actually removes a right, the law won’t support it.
        Ergo, this is not a consumer’s right.

        Still, it’d be nice if companies facilitated the customer a little bit more than they are…

      • If it actually removes a right, the law won’t support it.
        Ergo, this is not a consumer’s right.

        Still, it’d be nice if companies facilitated the customer a little bit more than they are…

      • I wonder what the reasoning is for this. Piracy?

        It’s going to be a bugger with my import Vita: sign in as my Japanese account. Buy something. Format Vita. Sign in with my UK account. Play. Want to buy something else? Format, and repeat.

      • Erm.. dont buy an import one and wait like everyone else?

      • @nofi – In all fairness, Sony did warn against importing…

  8. So what exactly is the format deleting?
    At worst, it’s settings, right?

    Either way, it won’t effect me. I find having a US account on my PS3 annoying at this stage. As soon as I buy Rag Doll in EU it’s gone. Gotta say it would have really annoyed me a year or two ago though. The EU store has closed the gap now. Mainly.
    Yeah, no US store is still going to annoy a lot of people. :(

    Still, I’ll be happy with my Vita.

  9. Or share the same Vita and collect all the trophies yourself – WIN!

  10. bit of a step back from the PSP, doesn’t bother me but it would be much easier to use more than one account.

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