WoH Beta Returns Next Weekend, Two Heroes Added

Warhammer fantasy MOBA, Wrath of Heroes, will go into its fourth phase of beta testing next Friday. Not only is Mythic (now a division of BioWare) introducing Tactics, which appear to be perk-like bonuses, but two new heroes as well.

The first, another addition to WoH’s Empire faction, is Knight of the Blazing Sun Tobias Schmidt. Gameplay details have yet to be disclosed though the initial description leads us to believe that Tobias will be a damage-focused character with a healthy stock of team buffs too.


Joining him will be Rockgut the troll, a race commonly associated with Warhammer’s Greenskin clans. With improved health generation, we suspect Rockgut to be an all out tank character, equipped with a range of disgusting abilities including farting and regurgitation.

If you’ve yet to try Wrath of Heroes, or any MOBA for that matter, then we advise getting in on the beta. It’s essentially the fantasy RPG counterpart of your typical Deathmatch shooter.

Source: Official Site