Free Joe Danger SE DLC For Christmas

Hot on the heels of the Joe Danger SE release on XBLA, Hello Games has got in touch to tell us there’s more on the way. But what is it? Well, everyone needs a bit of time off at Christmas, even our favourite stuntman.

Being the showbiz type that he is, Joe believes that the show must go on and luckily, his old mate Santa is on hand to step in. Santa brings his very own vehicle to the show, though – a quadbike with slightly different handling, which makes each level feel very different.


Christmas is a time for giving so the DLC, released on the 21st of December, will be totally free. It’s only available for a short period though, and will disappear after the festive season so grab it up quick while you can!

In keeping with the festive spirit, Hello Games has also given us some codes which give access to the DLC immediately. Here’s the first one of those: WWFQ6-7RPX3-YPVR9-X97RR-GG4PZ

Let us know in the comments below if you were the lucky one to claim it. We’ll be giving some more out on our Twitter account throughout the afternoon.



  1. So as this is for the SE, i presume that this is Xbox only & PS3 will get no love?

    Aw. :(

  2. Cool pissing on their fans who first bought thier game. Well I know which sequel I won’t buy.

    • It’s clearly because MS are probably paying quite a bit of money to get this, and they have to have unique stuff if it’s released after PSN or something. Anyway, surely most of the money is going towards developing the sequel, which will have more vehicles in it anyway? You might as well wait for that instead of shelling out more for the special edition now, then getting that. Although, I would be a bit annoyed if I bought the first then this happened, so I can see where you coming from.

    • I agree. Thank you very much Hello Games(!) I bought JD on the PS3, but won’t be buying the sequel – assuming it even appears for the PS3. Talk about kicking your early supporters in the nuts.

      Is thissSour grapes? Probably.
      Are we PS3 JD buyers feeling insulted? Almost certainly.

      • Insulted? Oh please. Joe Danger was released on the PS3 a year and a half ago. I fail to see how anyone has been kicked in the nuts. You paid your money and got a game. Xbox 360 owners are, a year and a half later, paying money and getting a game.

      • hello games said the PS3 version was like a beta that pissed me of.

      • Bought it day one, played and enjoyed it. a tiny bit of dlc isn’t exactly going to want me to rush back playing it. FairPlay that it’s for free and hope all the Xbox users who have finally got around to playing it enjoys it!

        I know it’s a diffrent company but didnt us ps3ers get extra content with limbo!?

        All swings and roundabouts!

  3. So no special edition for the ps3 and no DLC either.


  4. Damn…no love for the PS3 this time. Oh well…

  5. Wow, really? No love for PS3? I know it is new for the Xbox but that really is two fingers up to PS3 users who bought their game to get them going.

  6. As I was reading it I was thinking exactly the same as the previous comments.

  7. Yay free stuff! Not for me this time (no Xbox), but always nice to see stuff being given away, even if it’s not being given to me.

  8. Hurrah for Hello Games! Looks like a nice present for those who have the special edition and no doubt raising money towards the much anticipated sequel.

  9. Hmph! I want a quad bike! No, they’re doing a good thing and hopefully it’ll lend extra strength to the sequel.

  10. bit annoyed about this I also bought joe danger on psn and I feel like its a big two fingers up to all psn fans whos money they have used to make this x box edition

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