Hunters 2 Announced for iOS

Rodeo Games has announced that Hunters 2 will be coming to all iOS devices in spring 2012. Following in the footsteps of Hunters 1, it is a turn-based strategy game set way in the future, where planets are not ruled by governments, but bought by corporations.

Rodeo’s Ben Murch had the following to say:


“We’ve learnt so much over the last year, listening to fans and critics of turn-based strategy alike. The biggest feature players asked for was the inclusion of a single player story mode. Which is why the new game features a full campaign mode following the tale of our new hero class character, Caius Black, over a series of scripted missions.

Also included are new enemies races, environments, mission types and of course more guns and gear! Under the hood, we’ve built a new graphics engine which can handle real-time dynamic lighting along with loads of customisation options.”

Some screens can be found below.



  1. looks like just my sort of thing, actually. Very interesting :)

  2. Hunters 1 is really good, the only problem with it was that it did get a bit repetitive, but the new campaign mode should sort that out.

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