Uncharted: Golden Abyss Trophy List Appears

PS Vita’s out in the wild, with Japanese versions of the consoles and games already available. News is starting to filter through of some of the cool features, and – of course – the games themselves.

And so, here’s a sample of silverware from the first set of Vita Trophies, suitably for the console’s flagship title: Uncharted: Golden Abyss.  And yes, there’s a Platinum.

  • Relic Finder – find the strange relic
  • Survivor – kill 75 enemies without dying
  • Run-and-gunner – kill 20 enemies from the hip
  • Hangman – kill 20 enemies while hanging
  • Bare knuckle slugger – 50 hand to hand kills
  • Master ninja – 50 stealth kills

There’s a few that look like they might be spoilers relating to the story (hover over them to reveal a tiny subset of them):

  • Secrets of the Kuna – complete the mystery
  • Odessa mining company – complete the mystery
  • The conquistadors – complete the mystery
  • Proof of life – complete the mystery
  • Poisoned powder – complete the mystery

And then there’s the treasure hunting ones, here’s a few:

  • Treasure: turquoise glyphs – complete the set
  • Treasure: jade carvings – complete the set
  • Treasure: the menagerie  – complete the set

Familiar, huh?

You can read the rest of them here on GAF.



  1. :| Having platinum’d all three uncharted games I can safely say I am bored of this copy,paste list. Like the series in general its due an overhaul

    • No, thats how you get tower defence in Assassins creed. If it’s not broken don’t fix it.
      I have also platinumed all three games and I am thankful they dont fill a third of the trophy list with online trophies or story trophies. They’re based on the medals from the first game and that is fine.

      • I see both your points, but i have to agree that when i saw these trophy names, all i thought was *yawn*.

      • I don’t have an issue with it. It’s an Uncharted Trophy list

  2. I like that the full sized Vita games get platinums, but Uncharted trophy lists are always really formulaic and boring, they could have chosen a better set to show off.

  3. Will Vita trophies be separated out into their own section on the XMB or integrated into the main trophy list.

    It would be nice if there was some kind of distinction between trophies earned on the two platforms i think.

    • There was a video showing the trophies displaying PS3, PS Vita and PS3/Vita on them so it should tell us.

  4. I think the fact that the Uncharted lists are so balanced and offer a challenge for some players, but can be obtained with some persistance, If it aint broke, dont fix it.

    • I feel the same it is a Uncharted list fine with me.

  5. Looking forward to February, although I may wait a month or two to see how things fare

  6. Does anyone know whether trophies from the Vita are added to what you’ve earned on the PS3?

    • I would like to think not (as due to the fact that i will never get a Vita i would much prefer a trophy list & card for the PS3 & a seperate one for the Vita), but they might do.

    • I’m not sure if Vita Trophies will be listed together (though I’d think it likely that they will be). Either way they will be viewable on PS3.

      Apparently you can only earn trophies on the first PS Vita system that you start a game on. You cannot earn trophies for that game on other PS Vita systems. Guessing this could affect pre-owned sales.

    • Hmm, interesting. I’m with Forrest in that I would not be a happy man if they incorporated them into the same collection. They need to be seperate!

    • Guys, how is that different to me deciding not to buy a PS3 game- I’m not about to whine that Battlefield or Call of Duty shouldn’t be counted on trophy lists…

      Anyway, they’re being treated the same. Here’s a shot of trophies being viewed on a Vita- both formats are on the lists.

    • I hope they are all put together, like my gaming CV. It will never happen but even a cross platform list would be great. If it were to show what platform it was earned on then I don’t see it as being unfair.

      Better still if they could retrospectively add all my past achievements too.

      PEA-SUPER – complete the fog level in lotus turbo challenge without cheats
      SUICIDAL – complete the mayhem levels in lemmings
      5-STAR – get 5 stars in sim tower
      PURPLE HAZE – complete level 1 of bart vs the space mutants

  7. “hover over them to reveal a tiny subset of them”

    Hovering over the white text will not reveal it. ;)

    • Indeed – I think ‘highlight’ would be the word of choice there! :)

  8. Does anyone know if this uncharted game will have online mp?

  9. Sounds like the other games. I think after this one, the series needs a break. :/

    • Well naughty Dog are working on last of us. So we will probably not see anymore Uncharted on ps3.

  10. So basically the story whines about being to similar to the previous lists and doesn’t even list the Vita feature specific trophies? I think the treasure related ones might be more interesting this time. I think we can trade treasures in some way this time so it might be different than collect all treasures. I’m not saying the Uncharted lists are rock solid, but they’re good and I don’t think they should change something that works well.

    • There’s no whining.

      The Vita specific ones were left off to avoid too many spoilers.

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