Vita Manual Site Goes Live – New Titbits

Did you know that the PlayStation Vita’s little PS button glows blue when you have new notifications on the console? No, neither did we. But it does. At least, according to the online manual that has just gone live.

That’s just one little snippet of info in the manual, there’s loads of stuff in there we didn’t previously know – including news that the battery can be replaced.


More?  For example, were you aware that you can earn Trophies on the Vita? Of course you were. But did you know that you can synchronise those trophies with the PSN and view them from a PS3? And that there are Platinum Trophies?

It takes two hours and forty minutes to fully charge a PlayStation Vita with an AC power cord and you get three to five hours of game playing from that charge. That translates to roughly five hours of video or nine hours of music.

You can have up to six apps open in the Live Area at once and when you open the seventh, it automatically closes the first.

You can have multiple browser windows open and they slide out like the iOS webpages so you can switch between them.

It’s a veritable smorgasbord of little snippets of information, which will be of varying degrees of interest to different people. If you do fancy a look, the English version of the manual is already live too. That’ll be handy when the import arrives.

Source: PS Vita online manual



  1. I wonder if the trophy lists for Vita Games will be the same as their PS3 counterparts (Rayman Origins)? I also wonder if you will have console exclusive trophies for the games you can play on both consoles against each other (MotorStorm RC exclusive trophies for PS3 and PSVita but both in the same list?)

  2. Even with this being locked to one account it’s still tempting…

    • I thought it was reported last week that you can have multiple accounts.

      • Yes. And then reported again that you can’t after all.

  3. Feburary feels like ages away. 9 weeks on Wednesday until the UK launch. Nice to see little bits coming out, the whole Vita experience has been drip drip from Sony so far.

  4. I knew the thingy lit up blue, but using it for notifications is clever.

    As for the multiple apps open, I feel it looks a bit more like WebOS’ cards system than anything iOS.

    • I didn’t know it lit up, that’s awesome!

  5. I hope the browser pages don’t have to be reloaded each time you flip between them – i hate how iOs does that.

  6. And one question I had ghats now been answered. It takes normal sized SIM cards rather than the Micro SIM.

    Easily enough to get a data contract for that then.

  7. We really need a edit ability.

    Just found this. Anyone else think this is a rather low limit?

    “You can save trophies for up to 100 games on your PS Vita system”

    Only 100 games? Ok it’s quite a few but if your into your trophies like a lot of us are, this is rather a low limit for a handheld that’s suppose to last a good few years.

    • i would assume the trophies would also be uploaded when you get online so you could potentially have more than 100, but that’s all you can store on the console.

      at least i would hope that’s the case, but with sony you never know.

      of course if there’s a limit like that then that’s probably one of the things stored in the consoles built in storage, and as such is likely to be one of the things wiped if you change account.

    • Thats odd, I wonder how that works – presumably trophies must be uninstalled whenever you uninstall a game.

    • I *think* that means you can save them on the Vita without syncing them with the server. At least, I hope that’s what it means.

      • That is what it means. It stores the trophy data for 100 games without syncing to the network. Once its synced to the network, the fact that you achieved those trophies is stored their instead. I suppose they included this feature because some parents might not want their kids playing online but they still get the ability to store trophies.

      • I think they included it because, unlike a PS3, there’s no hard drive in a Vita (right?) and therefore they had to physically allocate memory in the OS memory for “tropphy accumulation”. And as this memory is very much a finite thing, they’ve decided to limit it. Makes sense.

      • I hope your right. I fear your not.

  8. Want want want want want want want (and the list goes on)

  9. Mmmm, titbits…

    • Oh yeah! ;)

      Great to have the English manual for vita imports.

  10. “This product contains NetFront Browser of ACCESS CO., LTD.”

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