Top 100 of 2012: 60-56 – Inversion, Syndicate and Downpour

It’s a day with a y in it, so I suppose it’s time to bring you another five games in our Top 100 of 2012 list. We have a nice mix of titles today but before we get to those I’ll give you the now customary reminder that you can find yesterday’s games over here. Now, onto today’s games.

60 Resident Evil: Revelations

It’s the survival horror title every avid 3DS fan has been waiting for, even more so following the lukewarm reception that awaited Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D earlier this year. Instead of porting old content to the portable title Revelations will present players with an all-new chapter in the series’ timeline, taking place between Resident Evil 4 and 5 with Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield taking centre stage. Like the most recent iterations in the franchise it will feature an over the shoulder perspective, though Capcom has said Revelations will also include a healthy amount of puzzle-solving and exploration.


Without a doubt it’s the most detailed game for the platform we’ve seen to date, with an equal amount of focus also being lavished on atmospheric audio and voice acting. No, it won’t pull as big of an audience as the recent duo of Mario titles but if well executed Revelations will be another milestone in the handheld’s road to recovery following a fairly sluggish launch.

59 Inversion

Without wanting to question the potential of Saber Interactive’s upcoming multiplatform release, we can’t help but notice that it’s drifting dangerously close towards a whirlpool of ill-fated “gimmick” shooters such as Dark Sector, Fracture, Mindjack, and Dark Void. These games attempted to sell themselves on unique features such as terrain manipulation, motion-controlled weaponry or jetpacks, only to fall short in other, more important gameplay aspects.

Inversion seems to be a different case however. Saber Interactive is hoping that an array of unique design choices and mechanics surrounding gravity distortion will have punters queuing up next February. Not only will you be able to manipulate small-scale gravitational fields, a number of the game’s biggest set-pieces will be focused around entire battlefields spinning on their axis. With a supposedly emotive tale of resistance against an alien invasion and expansive multiplayer to boot, Inversion could be the next big action shooter leading into 2012.

58 Syndicate

With an intriguing plot centred around futuristic implant technology and extreme libertarian economics, Syndicate drops players into a world without political consent where multi-billion dollar corporations are locked in a brutal power struggle. You will assume the role of EuroCorp agent Miles Kilo, a bio-engineered operative who can “breach” the dataverse, a plane through which he can obtain any piece of information and even control other humans with chip implants.

This element also carries into Syndicate’s actual gameplay of course. Starbreeze Studios, previously known for The Darkness and the Chronicles of Riddick aren’t exactly known for developing mediocre, under-the-radar shooters, though Syndicate seems to be its most ambitious project to date. Using Kilo’s breach powers players can manipulate a number of in-game elements such as NPC behaviour and even environment layout. It’s fast, effective, and when coupled with the game’s original narrative focus and sci-fi setting, we can already smell the faint scent of success.

57 Silent Hill: Downpour

Another game pushed back into 2012, Downpour is the eighth instalment in Konami’s popular survival horror series and is also the second to feature on HD consoles. Instead of focusing on the lore of Silent Hill itself, arguably the creepiest town in gaming history, this latest iteration will concentrate on its lead protagonist, escaped convict Murphy Pendleton. In classic Silent Hill fashion, the game kicks off with a vehicle being trashed (in this case a prison van), a weary survivor stumbling into the deserted ghost town which plays host to a number of twisted locales and residents.

Downpour will be set in the south-eastern portion of Silent Hill which has remained untouched by other games in the series. Like Origins and subsequent iterations, it will adopt a third person perspective with an equal emphasis on puzzle-solving, exploration, melee combat and… rain (for reasons we’re not entirely sure of). It may not reach the heights of the original PlayStation classic, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Czech developer Vatra Games for when Downpour trickles into our 2012 release schedule.

56 Race Driver: GRID 2

With a healthy stock of driving titles under its belt including DiRT 3, F1 2011 and of course the previous GRID, British-based firm Codemasters is looking to give genre rivals a run for their money with its highly-anticipated racing sequel.

We’ve heard very little from GRID 2. As a matter of fact the only concrete detail we have is that it will run on an updated version of the EGO Engine 2, which has already featured in games such as Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Aside from a number of improvements to the actual racing gameplay itself, it has been rumoured that GRID 2 will carry a set of social networking functionalities somewhat similar to Need for Speed’s recent Autolog, absorbing players into a progressive, competitive community.

Without even a single screenshot to go on, it’s tough to predict how Codemasters will tackle the sequel though we suspect a full-blown reveal in the coming months.



  1. Ah, GRID 2, forgot about that

    • It’s one of a few games I’ve been pining for since the first iteration and I’m more than ready for it.

      • Hope to hear more about it soon. Loved GRID, fantastic racer and the online was really fun too.

      • Other than Steambot Chronicles, right?

      • Naturally. Lets have a Mafia 3 while we’re at it too. ;)

      • Ah, my trans-Atlantic twin, we’re on the same page again :)

    • One of my favorite games ever! Really hope there is some news on the game soon!

  2. Really like the look of Syndicate. I’ve got no idea what the first one was like so can’t complain about it being FPS like I’ve seen others mention. When is it due out?

  3. Syndicate. Silent Hill & Inversion all interest me!

  4. Inversion and Syndicate look very promising. Would love GRID 2 as the first GRID was a fantastic game

  5. should be intressting to se how the resi game for the 3DS is going to be like… i dont own a 3DS but to see the review and the comments from the people that are going to buy it =)
    im pretty intressted in silent hill too, i haven’t played any of the other games but i love a good survival/horror =D

  6. Resi Evil and Grid 2 are the main games there. So far though there aren’t many ive been anticipating. Either that means my wallet will have a break next year or they are all piled up at the end. We shall see.

  7. I just get the feeling that Inversion will either involve too much manipulation or too much shooting. Trying both will probably be too difficult, leading to a slde towards the truly terrible Dark Sector.

  8. at least downpour sounds like a silent hill game.
    not like that dire sounding twin stick shooter one, Book of Memories or something wasn’t it?

  9. hmmm everybody seems excited bout GRID, and i dont really know much about GRID except that its racing game… so i youtubed it and i must say that it looks… what u englishmen say? bloody brilliant? well it looked awesome anyway so im pretty excited bout GRID 2 too=)

    • haha! it is a great game. Really fun and it feels arcade and realistic at the same time.

  10. Syndicate is my pick of that lot, i like what i’ve seen so far.

    • I really want to be able to like Syndicate but I’m really worried it will cheapen my memory of a PC classic.

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