F1 Online: The Game Beta Registration Launches

Codemasters has announced that registration for F1 Online: The Game’s closed beta is now open. To register for a chance to enter the beta, go here.

F1 Online is described as  a “free-to-play racing and management game” where players will be able to create and manage their own F1 team, as well as be the driver and take part in race events, such as Grand Prix races & Time Trials.

“Players will have the opportunity to create their own racing team and become immersed in a world of FORMULA ONE™ on a grand scale; choosing their team name, designing a livery and leading the development of a personal franchise. As racer and team boss, they will manage the commercial, research, production and race crew functions required for success on track”

Those who successfully get into the beta will have a chance to unlock items for when the game goes live, which should be sometime in Q1 2012. The trailer for F1 Online: The Game  and some screenshots can be viewed below.


Source: Press Release



  1. I’ve signed up for the beta. Although I’m more interested in the driving part rather than the management!

    • I filled in my details twice yet the screen appeared to just refresh, so I gave up – I may or may not be registered. Maybe not a bad thing given Codies breach.

      However I’ve been excited about this, and the trailer looks awesome – very indepth…can’t wait!

      • I kept getting a ‘not valid password’ message so gave up.

      • It seems we are not destined for F1 management.

      • Certainly looks that way.
        I was trying to sign up using the PS3 browser while my PC gets fixed but don’t see why that should make a difference.

  2. WHat a stupid rule for the password. One capital letter, one number AND one character that isn’t a letter or number. No way will I remember that passwird I just made up since every password I have is different to the others. (TSA advice actually!!)

  3. is this a micro transaction based game?

  4. Registered but I’m not expecting much, but we’ll see.

  5. Registered just to give it a go. Hope i get in.

  6. Looking really good, can’t wait for this! There needs to be more F1 management games like Football Manager!

    • Yep, definitely a gap in the market. There’s a Street Cleaner Sim for god’s sake, why not a decent F1 managerial game!

      • Yeah, and a totally SP one, I just want it focused on managing a team and such, not playing online competing against others!

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