Podcast: Episode… Christmas!

We threw the rulebook out of the window for this week’s podcast. We barely had a running order and we eschewed our usual format for a kind of “last day of school before Christmas” vibe. It was all very exciting.

Everyone was back on duty, with Kev returning and my own tech troubles clearing up just in time to make the recording. We even had a special visit from Alex for a time, before he got bored and cleared off again.

We talked about our favourite experiences from the year and what games stood out for us. After some Christmassy news, of course. There were little mini discussions about free GBA games (which are good) and the new Microsoft dashboard (which is not good).

There was no audio competition because it’s Christmas. Instead, we gave away lots of codes (PSN users will probably want to know this: A75P, Xbox 360 users will need to take a look around the forums) and there’s the chance to win a wireless headset for the console of your choice. Listen up for how to enter. Alex shouted out a code for the Starhawk beta too, if you’re yet to get in on that particular delight.

Lewis gave up some codes for digital movies too. For the Warner Brothers code for Harry Potter, you’ll want this: WANJXY and if you want to spend Christmas in Narnia with the PSN then you might want to jot this down: N3P728. For the rest of the codes, you’ll have to listen to the podcast! Codes are all UK-based so you’ll need access to the UK PSN, Xbox Live or relevant services in order to redeem them.

Oh, there’s another little podcast treasure on the way this Christmas too. As soon as Tuffcub has finished laying down the phat beats, yo. So, er… subscribe on iTunes or keep an eye out here for that little rapper’s delight.

Not a cat.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. So… Bobby?

  2. The phrase ‘Rappers delight’ may be pushing it a bit.

  3. JPG.

  4. I wrote my thoughts as I listened :-)

    1. I’ve only ever seen the Health Warning once. I turn my PlayStation 3 on before my TV though, and it doesn’t seem to increase boot time at all.

    2. Kris – there’s not a “huge” difference from in-engine and in-game. There is a difference but it’s not huge :-p And psst you’ve had fuck all footage on Halo 4 ;-)

    3. Yay for the gingerbread house :-D

    4. Kris does play Assassin’s Creed like GTA: Rome.

    5. That’s not a bad quality mic Al’s using, it’s the general noise on his voice :-p

    6. JPEGs are awesome.

    7. Both codes were redeemed before I got there :-(

    8. Can’t think of any good Xmas puns :-(

    9. Al should be on all quizzes. And could you reread the clue with the answer?

    10. Once was an idiot, twice was a moron, how do I know? Because Kris and Peter said so :-p

    11. If you don’t want any more questions, I won’t ask any more ;-)

    12. Shower curtain comment – EW!

    13. Kev could always throw the stone at his flat from the beach.

    14. MIB3 looks awesome. As is Will Smith!

    15. Man this is long. Oh it’s over now :-p

  5. i like the new christmassy version of the theme.

    not that anybody cares, but i’m drinking a cup of lemsip, blackcurrant flavour, with some jaffa cakes on the side.
    if you’re wondering, i don’t know why you would be but just in case, no, i wont be dunking them.
    i never dunk them, i never dunk any biscuits come to think of it.

    there there is something i’ve tried with a penguin bar and a hot cup of tea.

    you bite a little bit off of opposite corners of a penguin, then dip one of those corners in the tea, then suck at the other corner, apparently it’s an australian thing, though they don’t have penguin bars over there, but something just like them.

    if you’re looking for a meat based transformer.

    i watched an episode of black mirror yesterday.
    it wasn’t one written by Brooker though.
    it was called… actually i forget what it was called but it was bloody good.

    it was set in the near future where everybody has this implants in their head that records everything they see and hear, and you can play it back, just for yourself or on a tv screen, it’s like a tivo in your head.
    it shows ways it can be used and abused.

    it was bloody well written the way the device was integrated into the storyline and how it affects the people and how they behave.

    if that was an indication of the quality of the stories in the series then i have to check out the rest on 4od.

    there’s one thing about will smith songs, i don’t think he can write music.
    he always uses somebody else’s music with new lyrics.

    i’m looking forward to men in black 3, men in back 2 was pretty decent apart from the ending, but then they had to change that at the last minute due to the 9/11 attacks, without something like that there shouldn’t be the same issue with this one.

    and Brolin looks like he’ll be great as a young agent k

    dangit Kev, i was hoping to flumox you guys, for at least a bit longer then 2 or 3 seconds.
    i’ll have to get a harder one next time.

    • That thing you do with a Penguin biscuit? I do that with a Twix or a Twirl. WIth a Twix, it means your tea takes on the caramel flavour. It’s MAGICAL. I thought I was the only one that did that though…

      • i never thought of doing it with a twix, i’ll have to try it though.

        how does it work with a twirl though?
        they’re all chocolate, it’ll melt surely.

        i can imagine a mars just getting really messy, and a flake?
        well you’d have to be crazy to even try. O_O

      • I didn’t mean Twirl, I don’t think. Is a Twirl like a Flake but coated? I meant those twisty things, are they called Spiras? Haven’t seen those in years actually… are they even still a thing?

      • Spiras are no longer made.

  6. Nobody has ever called me AGTwentyTwoNinetySeven before, so that was new. Shocked none of you have seen any of the Black Mirrors, especially Lewis.

    Jewish was the closest word the community could get to Lewis so it will have to do! At least Kris has things like dis and kiss and Peter has heater and fajita … Kev just seems to rhyme with other peoples names like Bev and Trev.

  7. Excellent podcast guys even though you didn’t use my questions and didn’t tell me that it was the xmas speical thus resulting in me doing a questions thread for episode 48 instead of the Christmas one.

    I hated the jingle theme of the OMM theme as it didn’t work and resulted in two songs playing at once that was a bit of a mess. Plus, it caused my ears to bleed. :P

  8. One day Kevin will learn its an I not an L in my name!
    But glad to hear how tsa awards are being done, exactly how it should be!!!!

  9. Run, Bobby. Look at him, he’s so oppressed I actually find it upsetting. I sincerely hope that isn’t a Leicester FC coat you’ve put him in. I mean it’s bad enough that you’ve tied him to that tree. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen that much white powder on someone’s face since Kerry Katona prepared for a parent’s evening.

    You make me sick.

  10. Rebel Bobbby, if you can manger it! Oh, yule be sorry Peter.
    Have a great holly day everyone, don’t drink more than you can candle!
    [Christmas pun competition] #PS3

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