UK Charts: Guess Who’s The Christmas Number One

Well this is a bit of a surprise! Despite it almost seeming certain that Modern Warfare 3 would take the Christmas number one spot in the UK chart, Skyrim has prevailed. Close behind it is Just Dance 3, with MW3 coming in third.

Apparently this is the first Christmas is eight years where an EA / Activision game hasn’t been number one.


1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda)
2. Just Dance 3 (Ubisoft)
3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfae 3 (Activision)
4. FIFA 12 (EA)
5. Saints Row: The Third (THQ)
6. Battlefield 3 (EA)
7. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Ubisoft)
8. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Sega)
9. Need for Speed: The Run (EA)
10. Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call (Nintendo)

Source: MCV



  1. Haha Just Dance 3 beat it. Good for Skyrim.

    • I actually don’t think that’s too surprising really, what with it being ‘the season to be jolly’ & all, as people will be getting JD3 for the inevitable xmas party – In fact, there is even a nintendo advert at the moment that suggests that consoles (specifically the wii of course) are a better way of spending time with your family at xmas!

      It is an awful advert though, so it actually may not be influencing anyone!

      Looking at it as it is though, i would say that Bethesda have done very well & should probably give themselves a pat on the back.

      • Agreed. I guess it is reasonable that Just Dance is at a high position, family time and all. Not like the whole family’s going to sit down and shoot some Russian bastards. I wish.

  2. Well done to Bethesda! Although, no doubt helped by a few places selling Skyrim for 20 odd quid recently…

  3. HOLY SHIT! Sorry for the language, but i thought it was impossible for a COD game to get overtaken by a dancing game. :O I should be able to get Skyrim before work(vol) tommorrow. :D

    There is no sign of Zumba? *dances in joy*

    • Just Dance 2 was top selling single format title last year & it was only combining platforms that put CoD & FIFA ahead, now that Just Dance 3 is multi-platform…

      An achievement by Bethesda, 1st time an EA or Acti game hasn’t been top of the multi-format for a while & it’s certainly reeling the rewards of being half-price… Which isn’t far off cheating though

      • True but Bethesade’s games seem to only last a month at full retail price. Judging from the amount of time it took for F:NV to fall to £20. =)

        I’m glad that Bethesade have done well but i hope this will be a massive incentive to sort out any gamebreaking bugs in Skyrim and possibly tweak the Creation Engine to avoid it being buggy in their next game.

      • If that next game isn’t Fallout 4 I will cry.

      • Don’t worry, I’m sure it will be. I really want a fallout game that looks as nice as Skyrim. It will be amazing.

      • Don’t forget to wait 2 or 3 weeks, it will be half price!

  4. Some great games in there this year. Well done to Skyrim and Bethesda.

    • This, it’s nice to see the Game Of The Year reigning at the top of the charts.

  5. I love that Just Dance 3 beat MW3. That’s hilarious

    • Just Dance 2 on Wii, beat BlOps on 360 & of course on PS3 to be the largest selling single format title of the year, of course combining BlOps on 360, PS3 & PC blew it away

      Just Dance 2 was a juggernaut & now that Just Dance 3 is multi-platform it should be unstoppable

  6. The real hero of that top10 is Prof Layton. I know they are reasonably popular games but I wouldn’t have expected it to be in the top10 the week before xmas. Go Prof! :)

  7. Hmm, was not expecting this at all. Well done. Always nice to see a dominant force get pegged back a bit in any walk of life.

  8. Good placing for BF3, still doing well.

    • I thought this too – Considering it came out at the end of October, it’s doing pretty well to still be sitting where it is.

      • It has also had some pretty nice price drops too, absolute bargain for £27.99!

      • Yep. Just got my Limited Edition PS3 copy the other day for £24.99 from Sainsbury.

      • It had a price drop as well to around £25. MW3 is still around £40. I also got BF3 LE with Karkland pack for £25, to much of a good deal to miss out as I saved £10 by not getting the normal edition.

  9. It really just goes to show how bored the fanbase is getting now. By far MW3 has been the most disappointing COD yet.It just feels old and had convinced me never to buy another again

    • I know what you mean. Since download patch 1.07 yesterday, I had pretty much everyone already aiming down their sites at me already when I went around a corner. I guess its lag but my NAT is fine and internet speed is a steady 8mb, so I fucked it off in the end and played something else.

    • Yep agreed. If i can be bothered, ill make it to prestige and then get rid of it and get the game i should have got… BF3. I really shouldnt listen to my friends again about what game to buy….

    • For me they fixed everything that was wrong with MW2, I think it’s easily the best of the series! Can’t say I’ve too many lag problems either, regardless of patches, bar the usual variation between games; annoying for those that have though.

      • Apart from Cod4 I would agree, this is the first MW I have been close to prestiging since that one. I think they have done very well with it.

      • I agree its very balanced, I just seem to be experiencing cheap deaths, particularly yesterday – due to poor location spawning by me or the enemy; and then there’s the occassional lag. Most of the time its okay, its just pretty annoying when you’re on a 23 killstreak and someone spawns 4 foot behind you around your team’s Capture point on the map, then shoots you in the back. :(

        I guess it’s swings and roundabouts – some nights it’s just best to give up and play something else when you’re not getting the rub of the green. There are probably occassions that I’m not aware of, when the spawning or lag benefits me.

    • I love MW3. Although by looking at leaderboards hardly any of my friends are near prestiging where as for COD4 and MW2, all of them would be at 2nd prestige at least.

  10. Gods be praised!

    • The stars were right and today is the day i die. wait, wrong game. :p

    • I was very pleasantly surprised by Skyrim’s position too – and then I took an arrow in the knee.

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