James Bond ‘Skyfall’ Video Game On The Way?

Activision own the exclusive rights to James Bond games but were rather quiet when the new 007 movie Skyfall was announced.

However, I have just been flicking through the latest issue of Empire magazine (which has a glowing review of the PS Vita) and it has a preview of the upcoming Bond movie which explains that Skyfall will be released fifty years after Dr. No.

The celebrations include a documentary on the Bond franchise, a Bond-car exhibition at Beaulieu, a new video game and the re-release of Dr. No itself.

The bag. It contains precisely zero cats.

Source: Empire Magazine



  1. It’ll be interesting to find out who’s developing it. I thought Bloodstone was fun and had some great action sceens on a par with Uncharted 2.

    • Me too, some truly impressive scenes in there!

  2. really?

    • oh crap, it cut the funny bit out, dangit.

      i guess the greater than and less then signs do something to what’s in between them.

      let’s try again with brackets.

      (insert obligatory obvious news joke here)

      • yeah, that doesn’t really work so well.
        i guess timing matters even on a text based joke. :(

      • Well it made me laugh but probably not the way you intended it to.

      • so long as i get a laugh, i’m happy. ^_^

  3. I’d be more surprised if there was news that they weren’t making a game to be honest..

  4. Has Activision’s exclusivity run out then?

    • Yes. Apart from the very first line of the news which reads “Activision owns the exclusive rights to James Bond games”


  5. Yet to play the last Bloodstone game, but quantum of solace was a great game. Looking forward to hearing more about the game and more importantly the film

    • I hated QoS but that was more down to the faulty disc that wouldn’t let me finish the very first mission/chapter/level.

      • ah. Surprisingly my disc broke as well, luckily GAME offered a replacement free of charge. The online was solid as well.

      • Damn,if I had known that, might have got one too.

  6. I enjoy most bond games, thoroughly enjoyed the ps2 games along with quantum and bloodstone. The only one I didn’t bother with was james bond racing or something (at least i think there was a game along those lines….)

    • 007 racing on the PS1? if thats what you meant you have missed out big time, really fun game back in the day :)

  7. On topic of Bonds, how about getting a new bond as good as Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery?
    Started playing Goldeneye Reloaded on PS3 and I found it a disgrace that the Bond is characterised on Craig and not Pierce Brosnan.

  8. Has it really been 50 years of Bond. That’s insane. Good movies, but some of the games have been disappointing. I would like to see a more RPG based Bond game, something along the lines of Alpha Protocol but good or something with Deus Ex like gameplay. Todays Bond games hold your hand too much and reduce the excitement of gadget based espionage with a lethal twist to a CoD kill fest with a cell phone that does everything with a push of a context sensitive button. I know I’ll play it when its released as its a new Bond game, but I highly doubt it’ll break new ground.

  9. Doubt it’ll be as good as “everything or nothing”, but I hope it’s the same title raven was working on, and not based on the movie.

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