Renegade Ops DLC Arrives Tomorrow

Sega have announced two DLC packs for the ‘Official Shooty Blasty Co-op Game Of The Year For Anyone Called Tuffcub’, Renegade Ops.

The first pack, the Coldstrike Campaign, expands the story as the team head to the Arctic to face off Golems, drone factories and the fearsome Coldstrike over three brand new maps.


The Reinforcement Pack adds two new Ops to the team, Crystal and Blazemo. Crystals vehicle is heavily armoured and can produce a force field to protect your co-op buddies whilst Blazemo has a massive flamethrower to toast the enemy.

The Coldstrike Campaign will be priced at £3.59/€4.49/AUD$6.25 on the PSN and 400MSP for XBLA, the Reinforcement Pack will set you back £1.99/€2.49/AUD$3.45 on PSN or 240MSP.

Source: Press Release



  1. Don’t people who preordered Renegade Ops get this for free?

    All sounds good, I shall get stuck into this in the new year, not given it enough of my time yet really!

    • That’s what i am thinking , wasn’t we suppoed to get in shortly after release anyway!

      • I don’t know about timescale but I had thought it was free. Although there are 2 lots of DLC, so suspect we may only get the cheaper one for free. Either way I’d have bought the game, so getting 1 for free is still good!

  2. Picked up the game half price yesterday in the 12 deals of xmas, enjoying it so far.

  3. Psst. It’s out today, not tomorrow.

  4. Renagade Ops? the one that was just one sale?

    that’s timely, suspiciously so. >_>

    seriously though, giving these games an extra push swith the sale when they have dlc out can benefit the buyers and the developers so it’s a pretty good idea.

    • Wholeheartedly agree, good marketing sense and nice to see a carrot not a stick used to promote sales. Love this game so will be picking up the DLC on the morrow.

  5. Don’t quite get what the purpose of game is from the description on the PS Store or what the gameplay is like – Anyone care to enlighten me as to what this game actually is?

    • SHOOT! SHOOT! BLOW THINGS UP! DRIVE BUGGIES! SHOOT! KILL! RIDICULOUS WEOPONS! Then do it all again in 4 player co-op.

      Its pure arcade fun and it’s one of the games of the year IMHO.

      • Cheers TC! :D

      • “Its pure arcade fun and it’s one of the games of the year IMHO.”

        Absolutely agree TC, great game and the physics engine leads to some genuine hilarity. Can’t beat flying off a cliff, crashing through the roof of a house and then airstriking a village you are supposed to be defending – very Team America at times.

    • It’s basically a twin-stick shooter. You can level-up, unlock power-ups, choose between various characters each with their own vehicles and special abilities. Graphics are spot on….it’s like Dead Nation with vehicles, in terms of quality!

      • Well, i think that TC was quite succinct in his description, but i thank you both. :)

        However, is there a story to it (like having to traverse a level in Dead Nation), or is it just arena based combat, just because?

      • There is campaign which can be played solo or online co-op. Its like a 1980s cartoon, totally OTT. Think MASK and you wil be on the right lines.

      • This calls for…..

        My son is little over 1 and I already have him (secretly for me) the season 1 and 2 boxset! ;)

  6. ok so this is off the top of my head but I’m fairly certain I have it right “Mask crusaders, working overtime, fighting crime!” mad show and the old game on the CPC464 was aceness and, now that I think of it, not entirely dissimilar to Renegade Ops.

  7. This game is sublime. Totally retro in principal but very well executed.

  8. loved the game, not sure about that price for 3 more missions.

  9. anyone know how to get the character pack for free? i preordered and haven’t received a code or anything. the rest of the internet is no help.

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