Sony Tablet Gets DualShock 3 Support

A new update for Sony’s Tablet S has introduced the ability to sync the PS3’s DualShock 3 controller to the device.

Before you can get started you have to sync up your DualShock 3 using a wired USB adaptor, but after you’re free to then use the controller wirelessly with the tablet. This should make playing PS1 games a breeze as you’re no longer restricted to fiddly touch-screen controls.


The free update has gone live in Japan, alongside a free gift in the form of an Ape-Escape themed mini-game collection.

However, Sony’s other tablet – the dual-screened Tablet P – apparently has not received the update.

Source: Engadget





  1. If only Apple could wise-up. Though they’ll probably release their own controller that costs a lot of money and looks like something a magpie would steal.

    • This is the 1 main thing I really want my iPad to be able to do, if only Apple would allow it. Sony definitely has scored a winner here.

      • Yep, I for one would be far more inclined to buy the more “premium” games from the App Store.

      • GTAIII on iOS isn’t too bad with the touch controls but I can’t shake off the nagging feeling of wanting the option to have a controller.

      • I’m currently developing a game for Mac and iOS platforms, and I so badly want to treat the iPad like a personal games console. At least you can use devices like Wiimotes if you jailbreak it, which is a last resort I guess :P.

  2. Awesome. This makes me want a tablet. With the tablet can you play the games you already have or is it like that Xperia Play where you have to buy the stuff again?

    • Probably buy stuff again so they can make more money.

  3. Why not just build the damn thing with 2 analogs? Tablets are cool because you hold them, but if you’re holding a dual shock where’s the tablet? in your lap, proped up on a desk, pinned against the seat in front of you with your foot? Sony should have combine all the buttons and functions of the vita into the tablet, with a slightly smaller size so its easily to hold for hours at a time

    • I just think people (every tablet maker) believe a tablet is only meant for touchscreen because well then it looks more and more like that elusive iPad that everyone seems to want but cant afford.

  4. There is an app in the Andoird Market that enables this for a wide range of Andoid devices, including many tablets.
    Until recently you had to pair your PS3 controllver to your tablet via a pairing tool on your PC but the latest update comes with this feature built in. Connect your PS3 controller to the tablet, hit “pair” from within the app and you are good to go. Essentially what this does is tell the controller the Bluetooth MAC Address of your tablet so the controller knows which device to connect to. The app then acts as a keyboard replacement and you can map your buttons to specific keys.
    To “re-pair” the controller with your PS3 just plug in the controller and hit the PS Button.

  5. been wanting an excuse to buy one of these seeing as I’m happy with my ipad and dont really need a tablet. But any little excuse is good for me lol so might have to invest in one. Does that mean gta can be played like this?

  6. YES!, Now all I need is my Tablet back :(.
    Bloody dead pixels, but at least my local Sony store are trying to get it fixed, unlike the Sony repair centre.

    • Bit weird that the tablet P hasn’t got the update. Is that the cheaper model? I can’t remember now.

  7. So if your holding the DS3 who is holding the tablet?

  8. Superb news! Ill never be able to afford one though hah. Did the PsP Go ever manage DS3 pairing in the end?

  9. Am sure it is good news for those who play games on tabk

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