The Gala Group Passes 20 Million Users, Reveals In-Game Events To Celebrate

It has been announced that The Gala Group, publisher of free-to-play MMO games and operator of the gPotato portals, has passed 20 million users worldwide. To celebrate this a number of in-game events have been organised for the following titles:

Allods Online will feature a special scripted Christmas event, which runs until January 6th. Special coins will be available that players can convert into vanity outfits, skins for their mounts, fireworks and much more. In addition, in-game cities can be decorated with snowmen, Christmas trees, candy canes and all manner of other festive items. On the community side, Allods Online will also host “The Yaskers” until February 6th, where community members are invited to re-create scenes from their favourite movies within Allods Online and submit videos of their re-creations to be judged in several categories. These range from best director and best editing or cinematography to best movie, best effects and so on. Big prizes, both in-game and real-world, will be on offer for the winners as Allods Online pushes towards its big Volume 5 update in early 2012. The Yaskers winners will be announced on February 25th.


Canaan Online will be hosting its own Christmas events. Including the arrival of Santa, who will appear from December 21st to January 4th. Players will be able to collect presents and candy canes from locations around the game world and trade them in with Santa to claim unique festive rewards such as costumes, pets and mounts.

Players of Castle of Heroes have two events to look forward to. From today to January 3rd, players are invited to create a Castle of Heroes Christmas card as an image and post it to the official forum or its Facebook page. Every entry will receive a reward and the 3 best entries will be rewarded with a Hero Reset Card and a Christmas promotion package containing 2 Hero Card boxes. Backing up the competition is the gifts under the tree of life event, where all players will receive an in-game email on December 22nd, which sends season’s greeting from the Castle of Heroes team and will have special gifts of in-game rewards attached.

Dragonica will be celebrating Christmas until January 10th with special monster loot drops in the form of boxes, filled with items, which can only be opened with a special key that’s granted when logged in during the event period. Dragonica’s weather will also become more festive as snow will randomly start to fall in the game’s cities, giving players a special buff. The all-new crafting system will also be overhauled in time for Christmas, with a new dungeon to accompany it.

Flyff will be running special Christmas events for all servers until December 29th as Santa comes to visit. He will be in Flaris and players can visit him to get a special quest, where players must hunt down mischievous present boxes. Once a player has 25 present boxes, these can be exchanged with Santa for rewards.  However all players are in for an extra treat as Flyff celebrates its 5th anniversary on the German market on December 15th. There will be special events with more experience and more drops available and a special login event.

The festive season comes to Terra Militaris with the arrival of snow on the world and region maps and a special ‘hunt for Santa’ event. Until January 11th, a Santa will randomly appear for each nation and once per hour. When the arrival of Santa will be announced to players, the first to reach Santa with an army will receive cool bonus items. Additionally, snow beast will appear wandering the world map and even boss mobs in certain lairs. Players that beat the snow beast will receive Christmas rewards. Terra Militaris will also be celebrating the New Year from December 28th to January 11th with special events. At this occasion, New Year gifts in the form of ingredients will be dropping and when combined they will reward powerful equipment and other goodies. Finally, all lairs above level 60 will benefit from an increased drop rate between December 21st and January 4th.

Source: Press Release



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