Top 100 of 2012: 45-41 – Metro, Layton and Snake Eater

Welcome to another instalment of ‘TSA’s Top 100 Most Anticipated Games’, brought to you today by the letter ‘P’ and everyone’s favourite number – ’43’. If you’re lagging behind, check out yesterday’s five games, or read on for today’s selection box of magnificence:

45 Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

In what situation would super-attorney Pheonix Wright and puzzle-solving professor Hershel Layton ever meet, I hear you ask? Well, if the upcoming 3DS crossover title starring them both is to be believed, only if they’re both inexplicably transported (along with their respective companions) to the mysterious and medieval Labyrinth City. Mixing gameplay from the two series, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney will feature voice acting and anime-styled cutscenes – a first for the Ace Attorney series, for which this is also the first 3DS release.


Whilst the game has yet to be officially announced for a western release, it topped a Level 5 poll asking which Japanese-only game fans would like to see make it overseas with more than 6,000 votes – oh, and it also made it to number 45 on this list. Given the tendency for both series to be localised for release outside Japan it’s most likely a question of when, not if, we see the crossover here in the UK.

Expect Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney for 3DS sometime in late 2012.

44 Metro: Last Light

Metro 2033 was a bit of a surprise for many people – a promising-looking post-apocalyptic FPS-RPG that – by and large – managed to live up to that promise. Now, THQ and 4A are following it up with Metro: Last Light (née 2034), looking to repeat that success.

The game sees 4A continue their relationship with Dmitry Glukhovsky (the author of the original Metro 2033 novel), although Last Light takes things in a different direction rather than following the sequel book, Metro 2034. Last Light picks up after the original’s “dark” ending, with the cities of the metro now fighting for control, and sees main character Artyom on the search for “The Prisoner”, a legend who might just be the only hope left.

Metro: Last Light is due out in summer 2012 for PS3, 360 and PC.

43 Kid Icarus: Uprising

I’ll be honest, all I knew about the upcoming 3DS Kid Icarus game was that it was what Project Sora (Nintendo’s newest studio) had to get out the door before it could move on to Super Smash Bros. Next. Turns out that was wrong of me, because Kid Icarus: Uprising features a man who has wings and can fly.

Uprising sees Pit facing off against not only Medusa but an evil version of himself in his first 3D title – and not just parallax-powered 3D. It also sees the previous games’ platform-centric gameplay switched out for a more action- and combat-based style, mixing up airborne and ground play.

Kid Icarus: Uprising should be arriving in the UK sometime in March 2012 on 3DS.

42 Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

Sometimes you have to wonder if even Kojima knows what’s going on with Metal Gear Solid. At E3 2010, he showed off a 3D version of Snake Eater, titled ‘The Naked Sample’ and only intended as a tech demo. In fact, Kojima said, if he was to make a 3DS game, it would  be a reworked title, with gameplay more in line with the PSP’s co-op Peace Walker. However, here we are a year and a half later, with Snake Eater 3D – a pretty straightforward port of the PS2 title – due out in a couple of months.

Regardless of its history, Snake Eater is still rated as one of the greatest games of all time, and is well-loved by series fans. The 3DS version features a couple of enhancements over the original, including gyro controls, and a first-person mode based on that in MGS4, on top of a visual boost.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D is due out on 3DS in spring 2012.

41 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Thieves in Time sees the raccoon master thief in his first game in seven years, bringing the rest of his gang (and some of his ancestors) along for the ride.

With the series now in the hands of ‘Sly Trilogy’ redevelopers Sanzaru Games (whilst franchise creators Sucker Punch focus on the inFamous games), Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time marks its first appearance on current-gen consoles. Following Bentley’s time-travelling experiments in Sly 3, the gang are on the hunt for the ‘Thievius Raccoonus’ – the Cooper family’s book of secrets – while the new title retains the series’ trademark cel-shaded style. New in TiT (hehe) are collectible costumes that grant the wearer specific benefits, from a shield to the ability to slow down time, each of which can be used to discover additional areas and secrets in earlier levels once collected.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is due out on PS3 in mid-2012.



  1. Suprised to see Snake eater 3D so high. I men it’s just a remake + we have already gotten it this year on the ps3/360.

    • So what? its one of the best Metal Gears on the go or anywhere in the house with some added extras.

      • Yes but the Metal Gear Solid HD collection will have 3-4 games which includes this one. Doh it might make it higher on the list .

    • Wait, it’s already out?!!
      How have I not seen it in the shops yet! :(

      • Well in America and we will se it next year.

      • Ah, damn it.
        You got me all excited.
        Back to the original plan of waiting for it to hit Vita then.

  2. interesting to see what Sly is going to be like… really liked the other games on PS2 =)

  3. Metro sounds interesting, I think other than that, yet again there’s nothing for me here. So far, not much for me to look forward to in 2012 at all, so I’m looking forward to the final parts of this countdown to see if I can find anything to tickle my fanny.

    • Don’t kniw if that was a typo but damn did that make me laugh!

  4. At last, a few titles I’m interested in lol.
    Looking forward to FINALLY playing Snake Eater and the improved controls and features should make the deal even sweeter. Kid Icarus is in the top3 of my “games to buy in 2012” list and my wife will almost definately buy the new Professor Layton :)

  5. Metro: Last Light is the only game here I’m interested in. Maybe Sly also, if it reviews well.

  6. SLY yesssssss!

  7. Metro for me, 2033 on the PC was bloody brilliant. Amazing game.

    • This is one of those instances where I’d like to simply type “+1”.

  8. Heard really good things about Metro 2033, so look forward to seeing more of Last Light.

  9. Metro is by far and away my most anticipated and Sly is the most anticipated of my wife. Nice to see this round-up getting interesting to me, I was beginning to get a little worried because there was nothing I wanted!

    • This is a good point, I’m sure last years list looked much better.

      • It definately looked better back in 2010 but, for me at least, I’ve found 2011 very disappointing overall. Most games have been sequels and can be summarised as “good, just not as good as the original” (Dead Space 2, Gears3, Batman AC, Uncharted 3), promising looking titles such as Rayman Origins and Shadows of the Damned completely tanked sales-wise and Skyrim was awesome and broken in equal measure.

  10. Really interested in metro, I’ve heard very positive things from the first and this one looks great. Other than that, sly could be pretty good.

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