Used Vita Game? Erase It Or No Trophies

As our Vitas slowly crawl their way over from Japan, real evidence of everything that was purely rumour and mistranslations is starting to emerge.  Like the inability for a Vita game card to be used by more than one person without some inconvenience.

[drop2]As you’ll see from the photo, the Vita unhelpfully tells you that you can’t earn trophies on this particular game, but doesn’t really explain why.


The truth is that if another Vita has played your game, it’s then locked to that machine and account, and you’ll have to do a factory reset on the card, deleting all saves, to open it up.

Of course, if you don’t care about trophies then sure – you can hop into the game and start playing without any more fuss, but given that the games store some data on them it’s obvious that something like this would have to happen to ensure people don’t get easy trophies just by loading a save game.

The message, of course, could be a little more user friendly.

I don’t like the way the Vita locks off the console to just one account – I think it’s hugely backwards after the openness of the PS3 – but I can see why this happens with the trophies.

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  1. That was fast.

  2. Wow. I hate this gen.

    (or is this technically ‘next’ gen?)

    • I don’t see how this can annoy you. Not having a dig. I mean more just to ask why? I would assume you would do a factory reset anyway so your not playing on someone elses information?

      • It isn’t actually this itself that annoys me (as i have no intention of getting a Vita so it won’t affect me), it is just the fact that nothing is as simple as just picking up the game that you want these days – In order to be certain of your purchase now, you have to do a few days research trying to find out if it has particularly restrictive DRM, an online pass, whether they have tacked on a multiplayer aspect etc.

        It isn’t this news specifically, i just hate where the industry is going (& kinda where it is right now).

      • Now that I can agree with. I can’t help think that us (people that read TSA) are still in the minority between gamers. So how many of these people must feel shafted when something like this (and other things) catches them off gaurd.

        So yeh, I 100% agree with you on that front. it’s all just getting a wee bit too hard to just jump in and buy.

      • @kjkg
        As Forrest_01 kindly just pointed out, it is because overall, nothing is as simple as it used to be anymore. You can’t just pick up a game and play it. You have to go through updates, installs, more faults with current systems, more restrictions (I mean, c’mon. Used games are being FORCED out for God’s sake), amongst other stuff.

        I’ve said it a thousand times on this site, and I’ll say it again. I am f****** GLAD I went back to the old gen and sold off most of my systems (excluding the Wii) from this gen as I got sick and tired of the hassle’s these days.

      • Quote: “I would assume you would do a factory reset anyway so your not playing on someone elses information?”

        Prime example. We have to find ways around certain things, just to simply play a frickin’ video game in peace these days…

      • have no problem with this.

    • A Next-Gen Portable, the NGP, yes. This is that. :)

  3. I’d start a fresh new game anyways if I bought something second hand and if you just want to lend the game to a friend make sure that you do not plan on going on a final trophy hunt after you finished the game. It still is a minor inconvenience if you lend games to friends or family members on a regular basis.

    Also, did anyone else read about the Vita freezes and unresponsive touch screens? There’s already been an apology and a firmware update with a few fixes but this seems like Sony knew about those problems and released the product anyways. Day 1 patches for new (handheld) consoles? This is getting out of hand… I guess it’s not that bad that we don’t get the Vita until February.

    • I was watching someone unboxing and booting it up on Youtube and he was saying that the touch screen responsiveness was as good as the iphones. From what i saw it looked great.

      But the internet browser was cat! I’m greatly dissapointed on that front, it seems sony still can not give us a decent browser!

  4. So can I do this said reset on the Vita? A factory reset is normally just that, send it back to the ‘factory’. If you can do it on the console there is no problem at all and makes perfect sense. If I have to do a factory reset, then its a ball ache

    • Exactly my though. I feel like I’m missing a trick here because people are getting annoyed. I genuinely have no idea why. This doesn’t seem like a big deal at all.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen “factory reset” used that way. It’s usually used to mean “reset to how it was when it came from the factory” (which isn’t quite what we mean here either, I suppose!).

      • No, that’s precisely what it means. Make it exactly as it was when it left the factory.

      • Just to clear this point up… We are talking about the save game element of the card being reset to factory default… Not the Vita itself? Or is it the Vita that needs to be wiped including all other data (movies, music, other game saves, game downloads etc)?

      • Just the game save on the gamecard.

  5. Don’t see this being a problem. It’s to be expected. Plus it makes little to no difference to most people I’m guessing.

    Also, it’s no different to taking a gamesave from one PS3 to another, except it is games it’s linked to now.

    Anyway, even if I didn’t want trophies, I’d always delete. I don’t want a new game with stuff unlocked on it, I want to play new.

    • What if you played through a game and a friend asks you if you can lend it to him? If you do lend it to him you can’t hunt for missing trophies when you get the game back unless you start from the beginning of the game again. Might not affect you or me but it’s still pretty annoying that you have to go through the trouble if you find yourself in that position.

      • It won’t affect me but that wasn’t why I didn’t care about it. I just didn’t get it. That could be a problem, hadn’t thought down that line. I still don’t think its a huge deal, but yeh must be annoying as hell. You’ll have to be pretty careful when you choose to hand them over to a friend I suppose.

        But this will not affect second hand buys though, which I feel some people might be getting confused with.

  6. This is the last gen for me that I purchase a console. I won’t be buying the Vita and I won’t be going near the NG PS or XBox. I’ll save my money this time an spec out my PC. The amount of DRM on consoles is simply mind boggling.

    • Is it wrong i consider a statement of going to the PC for “less DRM” as quite hilarious?

      • HAHA! I thought the same thing!

        “I’m sick of the lack of democracy in the US. I’m off to North Korea!”


      • “I’m sick of the lack of democracy in the US. I’m off to North Korea!”


      • well, kim jong il’s dead now, so you never know.

    • Same. I can see myself getting a decent PC for “proper games” and then probably a Wii-U to play casual party games with the Mrs and my younger relatives. Being a PS3/360 gamer and being punished every time I buy a game (be it online passes, un-finished buggy games that almost always need a day-one patch or just an abusive online community) it just isn’t worth it.

      • Wii-U, casual? I’m sure you’ll find that you can play proper games on it too. If you mean that you’ll keep them separate for each of the mentioned purposes then fair enough.

      • Yeah sorry thats what I meant. If they bring out a decent “hardcore” game like Resident Evil, etc then fair enough I’ll probably pick it up but I will mainly use it for the inevitable party games and minigame collections.

  7. While i personally don’t care much for Trophies i can see a lot of people being annoyed about it. If the Vita only allows new copies of games to be able to save your progress and preowned can’t save, then i will be very very annoyed.

    But why punish those who dared to get it cheaper? It’s not like they have pirated it. If publishers and developers keep this kind of crud up, then they risk having their fanbase/customers turning away from them and letting them go bankrupt.

    • Its not punishment, it’s like starting a new game. Vita cards have saves on them, Blu-ray discs don’t that’s all the difference. You just have to erase a guy’s save (or a gal’s if you’re lucky). That is perfectly logical.

      • Yes, I think this very simple and actually understandable explanation to the pop-up is not very clear from the article though. Considering this explanation is the BEST for us outcome-wise, then it feels kind of naive to think that we are right though and that is where all these troublesome thoughts are coming from.

    • I didn’t read the article properly. It is fair. :) I tend to skim some articles during the mornings.

  8. I don’t see the big deal? Is it only a problem for people who share a game with a friend and then want it back to continue playing?

    • Why is it a big deal? OK, then – why don’t Sony do what Nintendo do and offer three save slots? SO three people can play a game on different save slots and still get trophies.

      But, sure, it’s all absolutely a-ok… :/

      • Yeah but it’s already locked to one account so it’s pretty personal.

      • Exactly. If it wasn’t then I’d be happy with Sony locking down specific save slots to a PSN account.

        The whole PSN account lockdown is ridiculous.

      • Sorry, did someone mention Resident Evil Mercenaries? Or Super Monkey Ball 3D? That’s a problem. This isn’t.

      • It is to me. And many others. If you’re happy, good for you.

      • I can only go my personal experience on this but when I’ve lent a game to friend they have always wanted to start again so problem 1 gone. Problem 2 of my save going with it I also don’t care. Any game I want to keep the save for a long time I never lend the game anyway. Still don’t think it is a big deal IMO.

        I’m also guessing the Vita lacks any cloud save so you can’t just copy your save back to the card? Would this not solve the problem?

      • It certainly would tonyyeb :) I thought the PSV was capable of cloud saves though? Considering the way you can continue a save straight from PSV to PS3..

  9. This is only for games that save on the game. So you could just deleat everything on the game and then get trophies again. Or am I wrong?

  10. i can sort of understand this for downloaded games but is it the same for retail games? If so my interest in Vita has plummeted.

    • Yes, this is retail cart-based games.

    • Why? You mean your not happy that a game won’t let you have trophies for other people work? Or is it because you’d share the game?

      I remember a few weeks ago people moaning about having to have a memory card to play the game. Well if they all saved to a memory card then it would be a simple case of swapping memory cards over then.

      I’m still looking forward to getting my Vita, but then I don’t share my console with anyone and have just one account.

      • ^^ this. People keep comparing Vita to smartphones and this whole one account thing is really no different to me to the way a phone works. Although it doesnt make calls its still a personal device, with your facebook/twitter accounts etc attached. Add in 3g contracts which surely complicate the matter and i can totally understand why its the way it is

      • I guess that’s fine if you’re the only person in your home that plays games. Some of us have to share however, and I have no intention of forking out for 2vitas and two copies of every game. I couldn’t if I wanted.

      • Yahavage has it, if I bought one of these I would want to share it with my brother as there aren’t that many games that I find appealing to play on a portable device and he would use it much more than me (but is too young to afford one himself). Now Sony have made doing that a ball ache, so I probably won’t get one as I can’t justify the cost for the little gaming I would do on it.

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