Dungeon Hunter 3 Now Available, Get It For Free

RPG fans who like to get their fix on the go are in for a treat as today marks the release of Dungeon Hunter 3 for iOS platforms, the third portable instalment of the popular Gameloft franchise. Unlike previous iterations the game will be completely free to download, though we suspect a number of premium options to be scattered throughout such as bonus abilities, locations and gear.

According to Gameloft Dungeon Hunter 3 will focus more on immersive hack and slash gameplay whilst retaining the series’ deep level of character customisation. For those who don’t have access to an iPhone, iPod or iPad, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is still available via the PlayStation Network at a reasonable price.

Source: Press Release



  1. I believe the term the cool kids are using these days is “Freemium”

  2. Got to be worth a look as its free.

  3. I have to ignore ‘free’ games as they don’t stay free for me…
    Weak willpower, and all that.

    In other news, FIFA 12 is reduced to €0.79 at the moment on iPad (and presumably iPhone). Great deal.

    • All of EA games have dropped to 69p. Including the Real Racing series. Even all the iPad stuff.

  4. Sounds interesting, I’ll download it on my iPad*

    *it’s not mine, but the family member won’t mind, I hope.

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