First Modern Warfare 3 DLC Announced

Infinity Ward has made the not-so-shocking announcement that downloadable content is coming for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The first batch of DLC will launch on 24th January on 360 for Elite subscribers as part of Microsoft’s exclusivity deal with Activision for CoD downloadable content.


PS3 and PC owners should expect to wait at least another month for this batch of DLC if past experience is anything to go by.

Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has said that DLC for the FPS heavyweight will have greater variety compared to previous entries in the series and will include stuff like new Spec Ops missions:

“We’re doing more than just maps. We’re going to do Spec Ops missions and a variety of things that players have never seen before.

“That’s the great thing about having three developers that are contributing to the season of content. You have Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven all pitching in. The full season of content for Modern Warfare 3 kicks off for Elite subscribers on January 24 on Xbox Live.”

Innovation in my Call of Duty? Now that is surprising.

Source: CVG



  1. Interesting about the month exclusivity. Never thought about that when I sign up for Elite. Just assumed you would get Elite exclusivity along with Xbox.

    • That’s what seems a bit underhand to me. if by buying Elite subscription on PS3 you have early access to the DLC, but have to wait a month to get it, then PS3 players without Elite will have to wait for a month PLUS the time of Elite exclusivity. What a fuck up.

      • I don’t think Elite gives you Exclusivity, just makes the DLC free as it’s included in the price. I could be wrong though.

      • There is early access, yes.

  2. Yah well you need Xbox as well, i hope they add more elements to survival mode, and new game types that are online like one in the chamber, gun game ect,

  3. Wow, what a bunch of a-holes. Not only do we pay for this (with Hardened Edition) but most of the Premium features still don’t work in Elite, including the Clan events, yet they’re raving about the smart phone Apps and DLC, which is STILL a 1-month exclusive to Microsoft even when we pay for the service. Well, thank God that’s the last MW in the trilogy. Consider me not a fanboy anymore :p

    Hopefully the “variety of things that players have never seen before” will be the stuff ACTUALLY working when released.

    Rant over.

    • Shocking that xbox still has exclusivity rights. I’m not saying this just because I own it on Ps3 before I start a fanboy war but surely, if your a paid up member of elite then it should be rolled out to elite members all at the same time.

      What do PS3 owners get then while they are waiting around for an extra month? do we get double XP or something to keep us sweet?

      Now if I wasn’t an elite premium member, this wouldn’t bother me, I’d just wait a month but this takes the piss really.

      Rant over….. ;)

      • Agree 100%. When I signed up to Elite, I assumed I’d get DLC at the same time as other consoles. What gives?

      • Exactly – it’s even worse for people who have paid for a years membership in November that didn’t come with the Hardened Edition. If you have a PS3 you might as well have waited until February since there has been no DLC in Nov/Dec/Jan nor have all the Premium features worked. This is on the assumption that a) membership is for 12 months from when you buy it and b) that PS3 does get it 1 month later…(Joe has said “if past experience is anything to go by”).

        I don’t care too much about the 1 month exclusivity (although it’s the principle when we’ve paid extra), but the fact that all the Premium features still don’t work is annoying as a paying customer.

      • Activision have signed a contract with MS, so regardless of Elite, 360 owners get 1 month ahead of PS3 and PC gamers.
        Sucks I know, but I thought we always knew this…?

      • My initial annoyance is really about them announcing this when so much of Elite is flawed, or still not working. Surely you fix what you already have before adding more.

        The timed exclusivity just makes it seem worse in my opinion. As I said before, PS3 owners should have started their membership a month later since the Premium features haven’t all worked and since the DLC starts a month later.

      • If you chose to buy this game, then you actually deserve what you pay for. I don’t know what made people think that this was ever going to work.

        They’re looking for ways to make more money, rather than fix what they f’d up. Xbox still gets DLC 1 month earlier even though PS3 owners are paying for Elite…LOL!

        See you all November-December next year to complain about the same game again.

      • Wow, you’re a twat.

      • Harshly put Youles….but you are spot on

      • lol

      • Completely unconstructive – so people deserve not to have what they paid for? I mean, what an idiot. And if he knew Elite was “never going to work”, why didn’t he say something. Troll.

      • Well buy the next COD and see if you get an improvement. I maybe a twat/ troll, but at least I’ll have $60 more to spend on a worthwhile game.

        You call me a twat…LOL! I didn’t pay for Elite sh!t! Seems to me you just mad.

        U MAD BRO?

      • cool story bro, although I’m lucky while you save your $60 for a game you’ll really like I can and do buy every single game I want on release day lol my back log of games is through the roof!

      • This comment thread is getting quite out of hand so lets leave it there chaps. It’s Christmas so lets let bygones be bygones and agree to disagree. The beer’s on me!

      • I’ll Have one!

  4. Season of content
    Season of content
    Season of content

  5. Countdown to first US lawsuit from an Elite member who doesn’t own a 360 begins…

  6. so ps3 elite users still got to wait a month still glad i aint got elite

  7. Looking forward to the Spec Ops stuff, best thing about the game imo. Also looking forward to the new maps, hope there’s more ones like Dome, I love the close, up in-your-face choke points!

    • Nooooooooo! hate dome. I just resort to camping (well, not real camping, i just stay at the back of the antennae near the overturned forklift. i wouldnt mind some sniper friendly maps, but most of all, id love to see bloc from Cod 4 back

      • I’d love to see some of the maps from MW2 come back, like Highrise, Afghan and Wasteland. I’d love to get Crossfire back from COD4, wished they put that in MW2’s DLC.

      • I think they should add all the maps from old games into the knew ones. If they want to only give new maps to new customers they could use a save file from an older game to be sure you played it? That would be awesome.

    • Good idea in theory, but I have no longer got my CoD4 save file due to a YloD. I’d like to have those maps too

      • It’s all about Pipeline from CoD4.

      • remind me which one pipeline is?

      • Couple of old warehouses, you could get on the roof, and had an underground “pipe” section. Also had a few old trains in 1 corner of the map. It was excellent for Search & Destroy.

        Downpour was also great. Sad Vacant was chosen over these 2 to return in MW2 map packs.

      • ah yes, loved that map, especially in search and destroy. Nothing better than making it to the train, crawling underneath it, planting the bomb, crawling back, then waiting to pick off any remaining enemies! also loved edging out from behind the dumper and sniping the camping bastards that stayed on top of the hill. What a map.

        I’ve said for a long time. Give me COD4 with a shitload of maps and guns, basic airstreaks and id be a very happy chappy

      • Yep. Hopefully the integration of the MW and MW2 ranks into the current Callsigns, is a sign that IW will retrospectively patch the old MW games. I hope so anyway.

  8. hehehe something we’ve never seen before…oh brother.

  9. Urmmmm if its got more than just multiplayer stuff I’m hooked but if theres just mp stuff then no thanks. I’m sick of this game and its connectivety issues

  10. So it’ll be 4 maps, a spec ops thing, then what? colourful guns? a hat store? I’d love that, hats in COD. I’d be sold.

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