Monster Hunter 3DS Ships 1 Million Copies

Monster Hunter sells in Japan. It’s a lesson that we’re familiar with, but we certainly get reminded every time a new MH game comes out in the Far East.

Capcom has announced that since release, it has shipped a massive 1 million copies of Monster Hunter 3DS to Japan.


Although sales figures don’t directly correlate with shipping figures, it’s pretty safe to assume that Monster Hunter 3DS has sold a lot since its launch on 10th December. The title did actually manage to sell a whopping 471,055 copies in its first two days on the market, so the million sales mark can’t be too far off.

Source: CVG




  1. And yet I doubt we UK owners will ever see it :(

  2. With sales like that we will never see a PS3 Monster Hunter.

  3. the japanese do love their monster hunter games there.

    i’m quite partial to them myself, never actually managed to get very far in them but i’ve had a bit of fun with them.

  4. I would be desperate to get my hands on this if not for one thing; there is no online (wi-fi) multiplayer, it’s local only.

    Hopefully whatever Capcom have in the works for the Vita, it will be friendly towards Western gamers and also have cross-compatibility with the PS3.

  5. It would be another reason for me to pick up a 3DS if they did launch it over here, but really? No online multiplayer? That sucks big time.

  6. bucket loads as always MH.

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