Respawn Post Pointless Image To Remind Everyone They Exist

Ex Infinity Warders, Respawn, have posted the worlds most pointless teaser image on their website.  Again.

From this fantastic picture I have deduced the game will be about a man (left side of the image) pointing at small foetus (mid right) whilst a mushroom grows behind it.


To show my gratitude for this wonderful teaser I have posted my own specially blurred image, just for Respawn.

Source: Respawn.



  1. A little bit of wee just came out.

  2. Hilarious :D

  3. That made me laugh Tuffcub. XD That is very pointless. I could use a coffee stain and claim that they still exist.

    If they wanted to, they could show us a trailer of their game as that would remind us that they are still alive and that they haven’t been sitting around, eating minces pies and doing the konga.

  4. Could actually be about the game and more telling than we first assume. Maybe ‘Cataract Trouble: The Eyes of Truth’. :-)

    • haha! thats brilliant. Shame the name “Blur” has already been taken by Activision

    • I see what you did there ;)

  5. Teaser? some lazy arse devs in this world call that a target render.

    EA probably saw it and thought it was Black Box’s next Need For Speed game…

  6. So the rumours are true. Respawns 1st game revolves around a child that was poked in the eyes, has temporary blurred vision and has to make it back to his house so he can cry to his mum. Epic.

  7. Haze 2.. maybe?

  8. Brilliant

  9. From this, I’m inferring that it’s an FPS RPG hybrid, like Deus Ex, where you can drink alcohol and get that fuzzy blurry effect.

  10. Damn. Left my glasses at home

    • You can probably get from that image than anyone else can then…

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