Saints Row: The Third DLC Makes You A Cliché

Just this morning I was thinking ‘there really isn’t enough space marines and knights in games’ and lo and behold, a trailer for some new Saints Row: The Third DLC plops into my inbox with a festive jingle.

The DLC is out now for 240 points on Xbox and will be available on the PSN from December 27th. The pack contains the Warrior Princess, Kabuki Warrior, Intergalactic Warrior and Knight of Steelport outfits.


A gratuitous arse shot can be found in the DLC trailer below.

Source: Press Release



  1. This was on the PSN store last night when i checked??

    I think it was around £3.99 (but don’t quote me on that, as i didn’t pay any real attention, as i never pay for costumes).

    • Apparently, i lie. It’s £1.99.

      As confirmed by the store update post yesterday;

      “Saints Row the Third – Warrior Pack (£1.99/€2.49) Rating: PEGI 18”

  2. Would get it if the knights’ armor had some armour…ing abilities :)

  3. tap that.

  4. really need to find where i put this game and crack on with it lol

    • You’ve misplaced it? Lol…

      • I’m sorting out my room and displays so the place is upside down with stacks of games and films everywhere ATM!

  5. Really enjoying this game at the moment. Great fun.

  6. Can’t wait to rip the christmas wrapping of this game, so looking forward to it!

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