Sony On Vita ‘Issues’: We’ve Not Apologised For Anything, Silly

A few websites were reporting earlier in the week claiming Sony had apologised for early teething issues with the PS Vita.  That wasn’t the case – they apologised for any delays getting through to their customer service department, but are adamant that there are no mass issues with the console as some are speculating.

Sony Europe’s PR boss, David Wilson, lays the smack down.  “The PS Vita has had a terrific launch and sold in large numbers,” he said. “We’re annoyed with these stories, because we can’t find any evidence of widespread glitches.”


“The stories even said that Sony has issued an apology for PS Vita glitches, which simply isn’t true – there’s an apology on our Japanese website for people who are having trouble getting through to our technical help line, but that’s it.”

There are some isolated problems – mind.  The machine freezes and can lock up the touchscreen (presumably as a direct result of the freezing rather than anything additional) but Sony are, as you’d expect, keen to turn down the rumour dial a little bit.



  1. Still waiting for a Europe bundle.

  2. more internet lies

  3. bad news gets hits.

  4. Its almost as though issues with the Vita have been massively overblown by a hysterical gaming press.

    Who’d have thought!

  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the PS Vita but we just happened to have a new firmware update ready for you guys on day 1 so we released it. But don’t worry, there was nothing to fix anyways because, like we already said, the device works perfectly straight out of the box. Now go ahead and install that update.


    • I’d rather have a day one patch than a broken device. But you just can’t win with some people, can you?

    • theirs always day one patch’s for everything, it hardly means that the system wasn’t ready to be released.

      • The reason there’s always a day 1 patch is because the consumer allows them to get away with it. Companies save money by releasing patches instead of doing additional testing. Then they just add it to the ToS agreement that you can’t sue for issues that result from updates. I would hope people would expect their new toys to work proper and reliably straight from the box, after all we’re customers not testers.

      • well I’d rather have mine a month earlier and wait 10 minutes downloading a day one patch.

  6. A lot has been made of this day 1 firmware, but it’s actually not as sinister as people are making out. They clearly became aware of an issue after the thing had gone into full production – it makes no sense to bin an entire consignment of manufactured product if they can fix the issue by a simple firmware update.

    The same goes for games that get day 1 patches – if a game can be patched easily it makes far more sense to do that than bin millions of games disks, re-burn millions more and then distribute the new ones to stores.

    • I think the firmware update complaint is not that it’s being updated, but that companies rush a product out the door too quick without proper testing and are then expecting issues that they plan to fix later with updates.

      • True but Sony are far from the worst culprit for rushing hardware out the door, these issues with the vita are fairly insignificant compared with say the RROD issues the 360 had for its first couple of years,

      • Yeah i’d say that was a bigger problem since MS didn’t fix it even though they knew about it until the new version came out years later at least Sony fixed the major overheating before the Slim version but then again who came up with the idea of leaving the fans out of the first PS3’s

  7. I heard lots of people Cant seem to fit their UMD discs in

    • Brilliant.

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  8. Bit late with this news aren’t we!

  9. I wish SONY were more tougher in the past :( They seem to be doing nothing when the stupid gaming sites print bad news about their products. I know its hard to stick up for every crap story but at least try a bit more. If i was SONY i would of used all my powers to destroy & a few other sh*t sites lol Hopefully now they will defend themselves more;)

    • Filter all the bad news and only report good news? Last time I checked we’re not living in China.

  10. The key word is widespread, and how that word is defined. I’m willing to bet that Sony would say that there also wasn’t any “widespread” issues with the PS3, furthermore I bet MS never described the RROD issue as “widespread” either. The problem is that Sony is trying to maintain a positive image so even if every psv breaks they’re going to use the most positive description to explain it- like MS saying that there’ll won’t be any RROD with the 360 slim… because theres no red lights. Still though, if enough people are calling customer service that that department is slowing down to where Sony is apologizing, there’s probably some kind of issue. I’ve had both my launch models PS3 and 360 break, so theres no way in hell I’m buying another launch model anything, especially since nowadays companies seem to think its ok for something new to break just because its a launch model.

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