RIFT Server Hacked, Details Accessed

Another week, another hack – this time it’s the Trion Worlds account database that holds RIFT player information.

“The database in question contained information including user names, encrypted passwords, dates of birth, email addresses, billing addresses, and the first and last four digits and expiration dates of customer credit cards,” says a notice to players.


The statements says there’s no evidence of full card information being accessed but are forcing a password reset for all users on next login.

“If you have used your username and password for other accounts, especially financial accounts or accounts with personal information, we suggest you change your passwords on those accounts as well,” continues the release.

Anyone still repeating passwords these days?  Make sure every password for every site and service is unique.

“We recommend that you carefully review your statements, account activity, and credit reports to help protect the security of those accounts,” say Trion Worlds, offering up advice to those concerned about ID theft.

RIFT players are being granted three days bonus playtime and a Moneybags Purse which increases funds from looting by 10%.



  1. I’m starting to wonder if the government should legislate and force a minimum standard that is higher than the present minimum.

  2. Final straw. There is honestly no point playing online games and trusting them with your card details.

    • That’s like saying you’re never gonna go outside again in fear of getting mugged. NOTHING is un-hackable.

      • True, but it seems like these games companies put security at the bottom of their priority lists.
        I appreciate nothing is un-hackable but it just doesn’t seem worth the risk of losing your personal details just to play against a bunch of “I-dont-know-who-the-hell-you-are”s on a game.

  3. Why has this become the norm nowadays? Can’t we go just one month without a hack? Just one month.

    I really hope noone’s id gets stolen. I wonder if more gaming companies will beef up the sercuity on their systems? I know there is no such thing as an unhackable system but making it very hard is the best way to protect it. If they don’t, then they risk losing customers as some may not trust the company any longer.

  4. I know I really should’t but I do repeat some passwords. Nothing to do with banks or anything… If I didn’t, I would have to write down a list of the passwords somewhere. I just cannot remember that many. I keep the ‘important’ ones different, most of the crap I might use only a few times or very irregularly is the same.

    The problem with the internet is you can’t hire a big bloke with a gun to stand outside where you keep all your data :(

  5. i got that email this morning I didnt even know i had a Rift account :P

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