Review of the Year 2011: September

CERN scientists reported experimental results which appeared to show neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light.

September saw the release schedule really start to warm up again after the slightly slower summer months. We were all gearing up for a hectic couple of months with a raft of top quality games being released between September and December and we certainly weren’t disappointed.


Resistance 3 was the big PlayStation 3 release but it came out on the same day as the surprisingly good Space Marine, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and Dead Island. Gears of War 3 was the 360’s flagship September game, with an unusual (for the UK) Tuesday release date meaning it avoided any clashes with F1 2011, Supremacy MMA or Child of Eden (PS3).

The end of September saw the annual FIFA release as well as the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD remakes arrive on store shelves. All in all, a great month with a little bit of something for everyone.

TheSixthAxis posted 514 times in September, with the usual mix of news, blogs and reviews. We also ran some extra video content including interviews and diaries from our time at the Eurogamer Expo. This was the first time we’d managed to get so many of the TSA staff under one roof and the results were… interesting.

OnLive’s launch was probably the biggest thing in the world of videogaming news. The service gave away thousands of free micro console bundles and ran some seriously tempting introductory offers for anyone who’s internet could handle the significant amount of data needed to stream videogames to your TV.

In the world of proper news, things were dominated by the continuation of the Libyan civil war and other protests in the region, most notably in Syria. As the “Arab Spring” stretched into the autumn, there was seemingly no end in sight to the violence. In Switzerland… oh, have we already had this sentence? Oh well. Ultimately the neutrino experiments are yet to be subjected to the ample scientific scrutiny needed but the prospect excites scientists and those, like myself, who enjoy making bad jokes.

It was only a couple of months ago so I’m guessing that you can all remember that the weather was generally pretty mild. London even had a mini heatwave at the end of the month. I know this because all the Londoners I follow on Twitter never shut up about it for the whole week. Predictable, the North West of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland saw a lot of rain and some blustery conditions but that is obviously irrelevant because London got some sun. London. Bah.

Join us tomorrow for more bad jokes, bitterness and weather envy. We’ll also be looking back at October.



  1. ahh, the weather, an english person’s favourite subject. ^_^

  2. Weather – its December now right? I know this because we just had Christmas. Why then is it as warm as a normal April?

    I’m in London BTW :-)

  3. The lazy weather cba to be wintery weather! It’s supposed to be raining, very cold, a chance of snow and a lot of Englishmen complaining about it whilst drinking our teas. :p

    I forgot that Ico collection had come out in September, it feels like it’s been out a lot longer. I plan on getting it as a reward when i get fulltime perment employment. :) It’s one of those games that you have to play in order to enjoy it. Some people hate it, some people like it.

    Dead Island, what a disappointment that turned out to be regarding the emtions and the story side of it. I was expecting a zombie game that would be full of emotions and a struggle to keep your family alive. But it turned out to be a bit generic imo. :-/

    I hate download only/streaming only games as it lacks what the physical versions have. New Game smell,Manual,map etc.. Plus, looks good on a shelf. :) i can see why people would use Onlive but tis not for me. And i think many ISPs crapped themselves when Onlive launched due to how hungry it tends to be. ;)

    Peter gave birth to the I’m in a bath meme(?). I wonder what he will be in at the next EGX? A car? A cake? Pizzahut?

    • at the next Expo I will personally scrub his back in that bath

      • I think Bobby will be doing that next EGX. ;)

      • Why else would anyone keep a pet of that size if not to use as a loofah?

  4. You forgot driver san Francisco, a top game if ever there was one.

  5. I enjoyed Resistance 3 (apart from huge headaches from playing it) – the story was great and the guns were awesome. Not so impressed with Dead Island, very weak story, no emotion, and IMO boring gameplay. Still incomplete. El Shaddai had a great art style too and was very cool to play. F1 2011 was great too! Really good month for me.

  6. I know it wasn’t a high profile release but Splinter Cell HD was released in September also. As a huge SC fan I thought it was a good remake and a great bit of nostalgic gaming.

  7. Resistance 3. The most underrated and often forgotten game of 2011. A hidden gem.

    • Really? I skipped it because of R2 and the demo being browner than sewage… Should I consider again? I’m a bit stuck over it..

      • I agree resistance 2 was at best average. You should try R3, the weaponry is great and the game has generally improved a lot from R2

  8. It was a good month

  9. Resistance 3 was awesome , shame it never recieved the apprecation it deserves, but then again any PS3 owners know hpw brillant of a game it is

  10. Resistance 3 was an awesome experience and alot of people said Dead Island was “buggy” but i disagree it was fun and i never experienced any bug. Gears of War 3 was outstanding, the story was both compelling and sad (R.I.P Dom) but what made me get this game was Horde 2.0, i love horde gametypes and this one was like no other. And finally Shadow of The Colossus & Ico HD, what i have been waiting for since i heard of the rumor and now it has come true. The beautiful environment and music makes this game even better. 2 Great games for a good price, brb gotta kill dat Avion.

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