Game of the Year 2011: PC Exclusives

The PC has been touted as a dying platform for games for several years now. Certainly, publishers focus on consoles more these days than ever before but the PC is still capable of things that consoles simply can’t achieve and the selection of nominated games reflects that well.

There could only ever really be one winner of this category though. Far more than just a simple PC game, this title has taken on a kind of cultural importance. So much so that huge console developer, Epic Games, has cited this game as an inspiration for its latest big Unreal-powered project. TheSixthAxis’ PC Game of the Year 2011 is Mojang’s masterpiece, Minecraft.


  1. Terraria is better than minecraft!

    • No, it’s not.

      • I’d actually like to know why people love Minecraft so much. What is so good about it?

      • It’s the same issue as with Facebook. People love it because others love it and You cannot say you dislike it because people start disliking You.
        I don’t use Facebook. I hate Minecraft. Ups…

      • …what? No, people like Minecraft because it’s. Masterpiece, a finely tuned example of gaming that even full AAA titles rarely approach in terms of playability. It is a truly open game, the wealth of options available to you is only limited by your own imagination. It isn’t perfect, but as far as playability goes, it is as close as anything gets.

        That said, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Saying people only say they like it because other people do is silly, though.

      • I love minecraft as an idea, as a game though? I played it non-stop for days but then i got bored of it and i just cant get back in to it. Terraria isnt better than minecraft not by a long shot Terraria is decent though.

      • Wow I really can’t ‘get’ all the Minecraft hate. I had no idea there were so many people so creatively bankrupt as to not be able to appreciate what makes Minecraft so damn good. The guy comparing Minecraft to Facebook is a dribbling bloody retard.

        This really was the only possible choice, props to Mojang and of course Notch :)

  2. Minecraft is rubbish :)

    • You might not like it, but don’t meaninglessly troll this article with that nonsense. It’s clearly not rubbish, just isn’t to your taste.

      • Let him say what he wants. There is no harm being done to you.

      • You’re right, there isn’t. But I’d rather not see that on this site, so will comment against it. All I’m asking is a simple change to “I think Minecraft is rubbish” or “In my opinion, Minecraft is rubbish”. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

      • I feel on this site we have an unspoken rule that if your going to say something is good or bad you also have to give a reason or is that just me? :P

      • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Putting the words ‘I think’ in front of what he wrote hardly changes what he’s saying. Far too many people that use this site only want to see positivity in posts, but negativity creates debate – which is surely what the comment section is largely for?

      • Yes, but give some reasoning as oppose to stating it like fact.

  3. Another meh here for Minecraft, I tried to like it but maybe I just don’t get it.
    But then I didn’t get the hype over Angry Birds either.

  4. After seeing someone create the mines of moria on Minecraft it deserves that top spot!

  5. Wow all shit games. Someone has a bad taste in gaming…

    • i thought there was a law against obvious trolling on this site? and as a direct response:- yes, yes you obviously do

    • Or prehaps, you don’t like the games and shouldn’t slam other people’s tastes in gaming. ;)

  6. Only had minecraft for a few weeks and I can see how it won by such a large margin. Great game.

  7. feel sorry for shogun having to fight against such a good game, its been a great year for the PC and as the cool picture i found says : Happily dying since 1985 :)

  8. No love for Heroes 6 or The Old Republic?

  9. Dungeons of Dredmor for me.
    Then again, I may note the best judge, as the only new games I can play on my PC are low-budget indie titles.
    But there are still some great gems (and absolutely shite games too)!

  10. Minecraft a great time sink, lose way too many hours to it.

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