Game of the Year 2011: Wii Exclusive

2011 has been a year of transition for Nintendo. Their 3DS handheld launched and they spent much of the year fighting premature proclamations of its failure. They also announced the successor to their amazingly successful home console, the Wii U.

Next year will see them try to consolidate what exactly that console is in the minds of the press and the public but what its announcement meant for the current generation of Nintendo home consoles was a slow down in the release schedule.

We saw only four games which we thought worthy of nominations this year, two of which were Kirby games. In a peculiar quirk of Nintendo of Europe’s antiquated attitude to global release schedules, our Wii Exclusive Game of the Year 2011 was released everywhere else in the world during 2010. We’ve awarded the Wii Game of the Year to Kirby’s Epic Yarn.


  1. Such little love for Xenoblade… hands down my game of the year for Wii. Pity not enough people played it.

    • I hadn’t really heard much about it, but my brother got it for me for Christmas and it looks great! Really looking forward to starting it next week when my work quietens down.

      • It’s a bloody fantastic game. A great JRPG, one of the finest in years.

      • It looks pretty awesome, but I’ve got other games to play atm, :c

  2. Kirby please it should been Xenoblade all the way :D

  3. Kirby beat both Zelda and Xenoblade? I’m surprised.

  4. I clicked on the Link (see what I did there?) thinking there could only be one winner- colour me surprised that the game which is called the best Zelda ever didn’t win.
    But I don’t own a Wii and haven’t played much of it, so I can’t say you guys are wrong either.

  5. Kirby? That’s an odd way to spell Xenoblade Chronicles! :oD

  6. Looking at the Wii and PC categories, where there were only 4 nominations each makes me ask why people talk about handheld gaming dying out (look how competitive that GOTY award was, even with some odd nomination omissions) when a platform as versatile and ubitiquous as PC can only offer up 4 titles to nominate, as can the most successful current generation console?

  7. Bought a Wii for christmas this year (hopefully delivered today!) and these four are all on my list. :)

  8. My Wii GOTY is definitely Super Mario Galaxy 2… in fact it’s my platformer of the decade.
    (I know it came out last year, but I only got to play it this year)

    • Mario Galaxy 2 is a brilliant game, loved it.
      And my pick for GOTY is Zelda, it’s even close to being my favorite game of all time! Masterpiece of a game.

  9. Better than zelda… Hang your heads in shame, i’m fairly certain its the only game i played this year on wii.

  10. Kirby beat Xenoblade Chronicles? >_<

    Epic award failure.

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