Game of the Year 2011: PlayStation 3 Exclusives

It has been another exceptionally strong year for PlayStation 3 Exclusives. Sony’s first party studios have really given strong support for the past two or three years now and, while we expect things to slow a little bit in 2012, the PS3’s exclusive catalogue is looking amazing.

There was always a strong favourite for this category though. Killzone 3 and inFamous 2 should perhaps have been stronger contenders than they were but the fact that more recent games are always a stronger presence in our minds meant that the competition may have had a slight advantage.

That’s not to say that our winner is undeserving. Certainly not. The winner is one of the most engaging, well made and exciting action games of this generation. It has continued the exceptional progress in the genre forged by its predecessors and has completed a trilogy which exemplifies modern game design. TheSixthAxis PlayStation 3 Exclusive Game of the Year 2011 is the sublime Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.


  1. If GT5 2.0 was eligible for this vote then I would have placed it quite high up the list. But it wasn’t sooooo well done UC3, a deserved winner!

  2. I’ve not played either of the inFamous’ but ive heard a lot of people slate the second one quite a lot so was a bit surprised it made second place. I would’ve thought Killzone 3 would’ve been a bit higher up too.

    • If I have to choose between uncharted 3 and infamous 2, it would be hard to choose, and I love uncharted 3.

  3. When will this anti-sony propaganda end?!?!?!?!?! :D

  4. I’d have to say my pick of the bunch is Killzone 3. I love my PS3 and I’ve been a Playstation brand adopter since 1995 but I’m just not really into their exclusives. It’s like as opposed to love, with them.

  5. I found Yakuza 4 to be the best PS3 exclusive of 2011 tbh followed by Killzone 3 and LBP2 and I enjoyed Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One more than Uncharted 3 which was a big letdown for me.

  6. Yay! I’m getting UC3 next week, looking forward to it as I loved the two first ones. I know it runs on a newer engine and came out a year or so later, but should ME2 really count as a PS3 exclusive though?

    • No. I’m guessing some sites count ME2 as an exclusive because they counted it for the 360 last year. I’m not saying that’s TSA’s reasoning because I know nothing about that but I know another site did that.

  7. I really couldnt pick between any of them. They are all such great games in their own special way.

  8. You’ve got this one right I reckon, what a great exclusive uncharted3 is for Sony. Killzone 3 was also excellent, can’t really understand why people didn’t like it as much as 2.

    Also, I totally disagree with mass effect 2 even being a contender as clearly its not a ps3 exclusive at all, but if I believed it was a contender it surely had to win.

  9. Good win.
    Umm… Why is Mass Effect a contender? It’s certainly not exclusive, great game that it is.

    • I agree. When a game appears on another platform it is no longer a platform exclusive for either platform.

      Bizarre logic at work here.

  10. No surprise for this, would have liked to see LBP2 a bit higher though. Surely ME2 shouldn’t come into this award :S

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