Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II Unveiled

Finally. Sega has officially unveiled Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. Not much has been revealed yet, but a few juicy details have been announced.

Sonic 4: Episode II features the rebirth of Metal Sonic and the return of Tails. Most importantly, the game has an all new graphics and physics engine. According to Ken Balough from Sega, you don’t have to worry about Sonic sticking to walls anymore and he’ll stay in a ball after rolling up a hill. It sounds promising so far.


It’s unknown which engine Sega is using for Episode II. The latest version of Sonic CD was powered by Christian Whitehead’s Retro Engine and that was easily the best port of any Sonic game ever released. It would be great if Sega opted to use it again, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can expect Sonic 4: Episode II to release sometime in 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Android, Windows 7 Phone, and iOS. It doesn’t seem like Wii owners are getting any love this time.

Source: Gamespot



  1. Sonic to me seems like trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. After several years, a part of you still loves it, and you remember the good times, but you have to move on :c.

  2. Why didn’t you mention his beard/moustache!? That’s the best thing!

    Also, I’m wondering if Sonic stops dead in the air when you jump like he does in 4. He always continued to move in the old ones if you let go of the direction.

    • I’m hoping when they say they have a new engine, this will be fixed. I found it really, really, really annoying, and couldn’t get into the game. It just didn’t have any of the fluidity of the older games :/

  3. I couldn’t stand the first part, so I won’t be making another mistake with this. That beard is epic, however.

  4. Ah, bout time

  5. I can’t wait!!!! I don’t care how bad ep 1 was. If they stick to what tails beardy man says in the vid I’ll be happy.

    • ep 1 was okay, not ground breaking, but then its a game that is very old… i still have my Mega Drive version, and the two are basically the same. I think Sonic games are what they are, simple quick action games. No matter what skin they put on it, the game will always be the same IMO. (which is not a bad thing)

  6. YAY!
    Loved the first one. Mightn’t be as good as the original games, but still a fine game.

  7. Yes! so far there a glimmer of hope….

  8. Hopefully they will improve on a half decent Episode I. Looking forward to a proper trailer tho.

    I’m glad that they have stopped supporting the Wii as the fixed limit on Wiiware titles meant E1 wasn’t as good as it could have been. Now free to be a bigger and hopefully better file size.

    Still like to see the game put on the Vita too. Not like it isn’t capable of playing games like this.

  9. how long ago was the first one?

    they share Valve’s idea of episodic gaming or something? ^_^

    anyway, i didn’t like the way Sonic handled in episode 1, so unless they’ve fixed that i can’t see my buying this.
    and if what i played in the sonic generations demo is an example of how sega think a Sonic game should handle then i don’t think i’ll enjoy it.

    but i’ll give the demo a try anyway.

  10. Liked Sonic4 Ep1
    But I found the swinging from vines ruined the game & the some spots of the level where it featured impassable

    Not sure why SEGA don’t get nobody wants the bells & whistles they just want Sonic, they want him mute & they want him in new locations & new levels, all the fluff ruins Sonic.

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