Game of the Year 2011: Multi Format

This is definitely the most active individual category, and one of the most hotly contested. There were some real quality games this year and it was really nice to see some of the staff give nods to games like Rayman Origins and Child of Eden.

Of course, games like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 were also acknowledged, along with other balls-out shooters like Rage and Bulletstorm. We also remembered our RPGs with games from different ends of the spectrum being recognised in Skyrim, Dragon Age II and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

All in all, the strength of this year’s field of multi platform games was indicative of what a good year it was to be a gamer. There were so many options to choose from.


There can only be one winner though and this year, the award goes to a game which was released fairly early in the year but obviously had enough quality about it that it was fresh in our minds when we cast our votes.
TheSixthAxis’ Multi Format Game of the Year 2011 is Portal 2. For science.



  1. Uncharted 3 for me :-)

  2. Was expecting Skyrim to win here. Haven’t played Portal 2 as it’s not my type of game

  3. This was a triumph.

    • I’m making a note here, huge success!

      • Its hard to overstate my satisfaction.

  4. I’ve played and loved 5 from that top 15, that’s a pretty good hit rate, and there are some (like Portal) still on my to play list.

  5. My GotY is Mass Effect 2. Not enjoyed a game so much in so long. Doesnt count as multi though as Xbox had it ages ago….still, superb.

  6. I should tell the story of me and Nofi playing Portal 2. It’s about time I did.

  7. Dead space 2 should’ve been higher in my opinion but nice to see Deus Ex so high :D

  8. Only games I can agree with are Skyrim, Dues Ex and Dead Space. I played Portal when he first got it, we completed it in a night so he traded it in the next morning… So I fail to see how it can ever be GoTY, but I’m obviously the minority in this case, so congratulations to it, and the other contestants!

  9. MW3 clearly shoulda been number 1

  10. Portal 2 was just slightly overdone in parts- it did get to be too long down in the older parts of Aperture Science.
    Portal was just right, but some things are just over stretched.
    Still loved it though.
    But Skyrim, Uncharted, Little Big Planet and LA Noire beat it for me this year.
    And of course, Resident Evil 4 HD, which really should have been considered for both this and the downloadable categories…

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