Top 100 of 2012: 5 – Starhawk

Warhawk is probably the best experience I’ve had of a competitive online multiplayer console game. It managed to avoid the insta-death tedium that traditional shooters descend into while still maintaining that distinction between skilled players and newcomers. The mixture of weaponry, vehicles and game types made for an experience that was frequently tense and interesting and always fun.

So Starhawk is hotly anticipated, not just by me and the rest of the staff here but by the legions of Warhawk fans who still play that game on a daily basis.


Starhawk is billed as a “spiritual sequel” to Warhawk. The same third person action, vehicular mayhem and wide range of weaponry will form its core but there some key differences too. Primarily, there is now a single player campaign mode. The premise focusses on the conflict around a distant human colony called “The Frontier” in the far future. Not much is known of this single player mode yet but it’s safe to assume that it will act as a kind of training ground for the multiplayer side – which we assume will still form the bulk of the game.

As with many good sci-fi adventures, you’re fighting over energy resources. In this instance the resource is called Rift energy and its potency has turned all the former miners into mutated, crazed, zealous protectors called Outcasts. You will follow the story of Emmet Graves who has been corrupted by his enemy and shunned by his community.

Graves takes on the life of a gunslinger in this Wild West-styled vision of the far future. It’s worth noting that Lightbox Interactive has been keen to point out that they want Emmet to stand out from the usual action hero tropes. He will have internal conflict, caused by his exposure to the mutilating rift energy and be in constant pain thanks to his spinal implants which limit the spread of the mutilation.

It is safe to assume that this rift energy plays a large role in the big new gameplay mechanic: base building. Players can now build and expand bases in a similar way to a Real Time Strategy game. This will be a vital mechanic in making good team-based progress in the multiplayer modes and we expect the most successful players will be those who learn to utilise base building to its fullest extent.

Starhawk is currently in the beta stages of testing and the developers are very proactive in encouraging feedback, not only from beta testers but from fans of Warhawk. Lightbox Interactive regularly request ideas for improvements on Warhawk’s gameplay via their Facebook page and that data is all going towards making Starhawk the best game it can be.

There’s no firm release date as yet but 2012 is assured and some rumours are suggesting summer as a probable release window. Whenever it finally appears, Starhawk and its 32 player multiplayer battles are going to be a big draw for us and, we think, for you too.

Oh, and we didn’t even mention the Warhawks that transform into Mechs…



  1. Never played Warhawk but this will be a day 1 purchase from me. Visually, it reminds me of Red Faction: Guerilla, one of my all time favorite PS3 games.

  2. All i wanted from Warhawk was a training or sp campaign, so i could learn how to fly without being attacked every few seconds. I was delighted to hear about the sp campaign for starhawk, not so happy about the base-building mechanic simply because it seems to be a very different game because of it. Will have to wait and see.

    • Had you already cast Warhawk aside before they added the training in an update then?

      • what?!! i definitely missed that update! I bought Warhawk when it launched but never got into it because of that reason .. looks like i’ll be loading it up when i get home! :)

      • Well, i’ve checked out the training for Warhawk now and it’s a great addition. Sadly the free flight mode is proving decidedly unfriendly as i can hardly get in more than 30 seconds of continuous flight before being shot down. :(
        And if that’s just the training mode what am i in for if i venture online.. :O

    • Warhawk DOES have a training campaign. There’s a trophy for completeing it.

      • Aye that’s true, but it was added in through a patch some time later, so if you bought it near the launch date you were stuck learning the ropes up against more experienced players.

    • Can always start a private server yourself too and have a pootle about, learning the lay of the land etc before going into a proper game.

      • Good tip thanks – i’ll have to try that out!

  3. Never played Warhawk as at the time I didn’t have my PS3 hooked up to the internet but I will probably get this, the mix of RTS and online competitive shooting looks awesome.

  4. I’m absolutely loving this game at the moment. The beta gets better with every update, but it’s a shame it finishes next week. I think the RTS nature has been implemented really well, and doesn’t break up the gameplay as much as I thought. This is definitely in my top 3 for 2012.

    • I agree, its very well made and different to Warhawk. The updates are excellent and it gets better every time. THe Mechs are amazing.

  5. I like the beta, but I think it is way to different from warhawk. I find the combat very similar to Uncharted 3 MP. I really would of been happy with warhawk in space :D.

  6. I liked the beta(couldn’t believe they let me in it tho LOL i hardly play online games) Anyway a few things i didn’t like was pressing ‘R2’ down to sprint?(hopefully i can change that in the full game please?) + i spent minutes(well it felt like)trying to kill people(they just wouldn’t die, maybe my gun was sh*t :D or i was doing something wrong but they seemed to kill me quick, hmm) Apart from that it was MEGA-FUN:P

    • Well the R2 is a bit odd but it takes getting use to it.

  7. I quite enjoy playing the beta but I’ve been playing Warhawk over the past couple of days and it’s just a great game. It still has a loyal fanbase and my favourite map (Archipelago) is as awesome as ever

  8. I thought it was okay, the base building is great but my only issue is the complete banishment of the HP bar but that wouldn’t surprise me. Regeneration is very popular that sadly that brings the art of heath management to the brink of extinction.

  9. Love Starhawk, the full range of maps, modes & maps variations will make it even better

    Base building… Hmmm if you’re on a team of numpties, you’re screwed, there’s still some tweaking of the dynamics to get right, but they’re tweaking away like mad and the public beta starts soon too


  10. Looking forward to this game as it seems close to the perfect multiplayer game for me. Never really played Warhawk though as by the time I found interest in it, I was an newbie up against trained professionals.

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