Game of the Year 2011: Overall Winner

This is it, the big one. The grand winner. TheSixthAxis’ Overall Game of the Year 2011. For this award, we took a separate poll of our staff, asking which was their overall game of the year for 2011. Every staff member got to pick a top three and the results were charted and used to generate the graph below.

It’s always great to see the less mainstream games getting some attention in these votes. So, the inclusion of the excellent iOS game, Jetpack Joyride, alongside some of the year’s best downloadable games on PSN and XBLA, is lovely.

Of course, the big multi platform games are always going to be hard to beat and this proved to be the case again with the top three all being games which are available on both HD home consoles as well as the PC. It’s not until fourth place and Uncharted 3 (in itself an indication of how strong this year’s field is) that we get a console exclusive.

Microsoft’s limited exclusive range is represented in sixth by the fantastic Gears of War 3 too, although it only received just over half the votes of Sony’s best performing platform exclusive.

So the top three, then, took us to Gotham for third place, the northernmost reaches of Tamriel for second and for first place we made a return to he inimitable testing chambers of Aperture Science.

TheSixthAxis’ Overall Game of the Year 2011 is Portal 2.


  1. Portal 2 \o/ Eat that you buggy POS Skyrim! :)

    Happy new year’s, it’s been a great gaming year :)

    • How dare you call Skyrim a piece of shit? Grrrr. One of my favourite games of all time.

      • I would really LOVE to play Skyrim, I’ve been really close a lot of times to buy it.

        But I had it with Bethesda’s shoddy quality. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas had exactly the same problems as Skyrim is suffering from, so they knew about the problems the PS3 version is suffering from and it will only gets worse as DLC are added to the game.

        If they one day manage to patch that game so it runs properly, I’ll be the first to pick it up. If not, I’m gonna wait to a can get it cheap used, because Bethesda doesn’t deserve my money.

        That’s also why I hope Fallout 4 is for the next generation, as Bethesda clearly has problems with PS3.

        And that’s also why _I_ don’t think Skyrim deserves any GOTY awards, though I understand why. But when I see Bethesda gets awarded for Best studio, it’s just making fun of all those users who has been burned by Bethesda the last three years.

      • If you haven’t played Skyrim, you’re hardly in a position to call it a buggy POS.
        I’m well over 60 hours in, and have seen zero bugs and one crash, which is nothing out of the ordinary when playing any console for hours on end.
        GOTY for me.

      • Agree with Colmshan here, you’re being very quick on judging Skyrim without having played it yourself yet, Erroneus.
        Personally I’ve spent aprox. 110 hours with the game, and though the there have been a few minor glitches and bugs here and there, it has detracted from the overall experience minimally. Without a doubt, Skyrim is my personal GOTY, I honestly can’t remember I’ve ever been so immersed and sucked in to a game, as I was the two first weeks with Skyrim.
        You should try it ;)

      • Problem is that I have been burned bad twice with them now on the Fallout games and I’m not gonna do that again. It’s true I don’t have personally experience from it, but it’s clear when following the Bethesda forums and news about the game, that many people are having lots and lots of problems.

        That’s why I’m waiting for them to fix the game, so the priority of bugs are gone. I only call it a “buggy POS” game, because I’m annoyed that they haven’t fixed it yet properly, because I do really want to play it, but this time I can wait.

        And no matter how great a game it is, a game which has so huge flaws can never be a GOTY in my eyes.

    • Playing on 360 as don;t want to wait till Bethesday fix it (if they can). And it’s brilliant however also playing Mass Effect 2 on ps3 (not played em before) and liking that even more.

      If Skyrim is fixed for PS3 i’ll go back to it and play it on that with a new char. Don’t want to invest 100 hours for it to go lag fest even if people don’t have the problem (yet).

      • Bethesda, despite the bugs their games come out with, are one of my favourite developers this gen. IMO its only understandable that games the size of the Fallout and Elder scrolls series offer us rat there will be glitches and bugs, but Bethesda does work to correct them. I’ve played fallout 3 for roughly 90 hours across both the PS3 and 360 and never found a bug or a crash. I played new Vegas on 360 and never got any of the, some highliarious, glitches and bugs that other people did before I bought it. So like others hav said, don’t judge before you play it a little.

    • just wanna chip in on the Skrim debate. the game is a total let down. I love it and have played it for 103 hours, the problem is it’s now hit the point where it literally cannot go 5 mins without crashing. Im sorry but no matter how good the actual game is if it it won’t run at all that is a MASSIVE failure

      • Thanks for the feedback. See this is what scares me, as I had the same experience in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas was starting to show similar problems.

  2. Quite a few very deserving games this year, in my books, but I think Portal 2 was pretty much as close to perfection as it could be. It was pretty fantastic all around, just missing out on longevity a little.

    Fantastic stuff.

  3. Did not enjoy Portal 2 on my xBox at all! :( Don’t agree woth the choice personallyx but congrats to Valve :)

    • Why did you play it on an Xbox in the first place? :)

      • Maybe he doesn’t own a PS3, just like how most of the people here complaining about Skyrim don’t own a 360.

      • He does own a PS3 ;) what you mean by that btw?

    • feel the same as you yog would not make it in to my top 5 of this year.

      • A game should be fit & thus fun to play regardless of platform, or they shouldn’t release it on the said platform.

  4. A very diverse list, and a very deserving winner :) Surprised that Dark Souls isn’t on there, a lot of other websites have been drooling over that game (don’t have anything against it, I just haven’t played it yet, so I’m wondering what all the fuss is about!)

  5. portal 2 looks like a great game, i watched a walkthrough and there were some great moments, from Wheatley especially.

    but for flips sake, somebody teach valve how to do streaming. >_<

  6. Yay – hugely deserved, Portal is fantastic. Although I feel Minecraft should be a tad higher? And jetpack joyride? It’s okay, but better than LBP 2 and Dead Space 2, or Battlefield, Minecraft and Limbo!? Don’t know about the others as I haven’t played them, but you have got to be trolling?

  7. MW3 shoulda been number 1.

    • Um, I don’t agree with you (maybe could’ve made the list because there’s a few up there I regard as utter toss) but I will say it’s the first CoD since 4 in which I’ve found something to enjoy in the multiplayer mode and have played it quite a lot.
      Team Defender and Kill Confirmed are a lot of fun. Needs more snow maps though! Also, all maps should be able to be played at a variety of day and night times and weather conditions, that would be brilliant!

      Conversely, for the first time in the series, I just find the campaign utterly dreadful and every time I go to play it, I manage about 5 minutes. Just horrible.

      • The maps do suck, they need good snowy maps like Summit from Blops and Sub Base in MW2 as Derail in MW2 was soooo boring, I never ever play Derail where the time didn’t run out in TDM.
        How BF3 made it is beyond me, that game is soo bad on console, a FPS can not run at 30FPS and you can’t even back out of a lobby in between games, Not to mention its story mode is weak

      • unquestionably battlefield 3 has the best audio and graphics ever seen in a video game (I’m of the opinion that battlefield 3 is graphically the best console game too) as well as one of the most impressive engines, so much so that EA are using it for nearly all there AAA releases. as well as a online that’s massive in scale and scope and where hundreds of different play styles can succeed. that alone is enough to warrant it considerable praise nevermind the fact that millions love and play it and it totally reinvented it self since the last battlefield (something cod hasn’t done for over five years)

        battlefield 3 on ps3 runs at roughly 35 to 40 fps on average which I’d consider more then adequate and i’ve never noticed any stuttering, something that happens frequently to me in modern warfare 3.

    • trolololololo

    • In your opinion. ;) MW3 doesn’t look good and is tbh bordering on the average-bad line. But that’s my opinion and i’ve only seen videos of it. I disagree with you about FPSes shouldn’t be at 30FPS as i can’t stand 60FPS in a first person shooter. I tried it with Bioshock and that gave me a headache. :)

      Imo, BF3 looks good on consoles graphics wise and the MP is surprisly fun.(i only played the beta and enjoyed) Hell, if there are enough active TSAers, i may pick it up. :)

  8. Just played Portal 2 recently and while the portals themselves are an excellent idea, the gameplay was pretty tedious and the constant chattering was very irritating. Had to turn the volume down or the game never would’ve gotten finished.

    While there’s been some immense franchises floating around this year, I really haven’t had a lot of gaming moments that made me think “wow, that was awesome” or something else. An underwhelming year in my opinion considering what should’ve been.

  9. I won’t argue with that, Portal 2 is an excellent game, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  10. I don’t understand how Batman beat Skyrim in the multiplatform catagory, yet the reverse happened in this poll. Makes no sense.

    However, Portal 2 is a worthy winner.

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