UK Chart: FIFA on Top

The UK Charts for W/E December 31st is in, showing all the usual suspects. FIFA 12 takes the top spot, with Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 still vying for position.

Forza 4 also seems to be doing really well, and Skyrim holds the number eight spot despite certain retailers putting the price back up to £42. Much further down the list is the sublime Rayman Origins, at number 18. I’m not complaining, just happy to see it in the top 20!

  1. FIFA 12
  2. Modern Warfare 3
  3. Battlefield 3
  4. Just Dance 3
  5. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
  6. Saints Row: The Third
  7. Need for Speed: The Run
  8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  9. Mario Kart 7
  10. Forza Motorsport 4

Source: Chart Track



  1. Need for Speed: The Run….Feel so sorry for the millions of people who have bought this game :(

    • I’m surprised it’s so high since I’ve heard such bad things – perhaps due to price drops or Xmas presents.

    • I only rented it and still felt ripped off.

  2. Currently playing 3 games in the top 10, shame I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow. Must get back into Battlefield 3.

    • Im currently playing 4..ner, ner ,ner ;-)

  3. YES! This should mean that Skyrim will come down to £20 within the next 3 weeks. It seems that putting the price up has backfired on Bethesda(if they told retailers to put it back up). But it is a shame that Skyrim didn’t manage to stay at number 1 for a month.

    • if you don’t get it soon, then I will be Sykrim expert and teaching you things :P

      • HA! If it weren’t for me, you’ll still be getting killed by a frost troll. ;)

        @spike, i’m signing up on monday as i’m fed up with having no income and having to restrict myself to £5 a week for food. :(

      • I’ve only died once against a frost troll as I didn’t know what to expect! That should be good for you :)

    • steven, sign up to jobseekers,(theres no shame in it if you cant get work, at least you a trying. The only downside is having to go to the job center) they will even back date it. You can buy as many copies as you like then ;)

  4. Actually quite baffling to see FIFA at the top, it has been out for a few months now and in my experience it wasn’t on top on everyone’s Christmas list.

    After playing Just Dance 3 on the Wii all I can say is it deserves to be top, epic game when you have had a few to drink ;)

    • How do you know everyones Christmas lists!?


      • Oops I’ve given myself away :O

  5. I’m a tad annoyed with battlefield 3. I love the gameplay, but it just seems a bit of a pain on PS3, there’s loading problems and massive pop in after death, and the maps in MP are too big for the reduced players, and not being able to leave lobbies is just odd. Interesting some increased the price of Skyrim again. bit mean really. Does show it only beat COD when reduced though..

    • Yes, the leaving lobbies thing is bloody frustrating….and fitting out your Russian guy’s guns & equipment, unless that’s been fixed?!

      • Yeah i find the most annoying part of the online mode of Battlefield, kitting out your Russian soldiers, so bloody awkward!

    • Been reading it’s got intermittent Voice Communication problems too, something which plagued Battlefield 1943 PS3 & was never satisfactorily resolved.

    • Don’t forget the input lag on BF3 PS3, its soo annoying.

  6. Unrelated somewhat, but what games are due out in January?

    • Not many that have caught my eye (it’s catch-up month)!

      Perhaps only Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Bioshock for me this quarter. Think I’ll even cancel my Vita preorder since it looks like the price will take a dive shortly after release!

      • I was thinking the same. Just glad there’s no games this month that I ‘have’ to buy lol. Managed a few hours of the PS3 over Christmas. 2 hours of batman and around 4 MW3 hours lol

      • My “catch-up” is going well….Platinumed MW3 on Christmas Eve, completed House of the Dead, almost completed Uncharted 3, and completed Might & Magic! Gonna Platinum Uncharted 3, then gonna Platinum Rage and Ico, and complete BF3! Should have that done by end of Feb :)

      • that’s a lot of work. For the month of January, I will be mostly playing MW3. Batman AC and AC Revelations.

      • Well I figured Uncharted will probably take me to mid January, then Rage a whole month to mid February, then Ico and BF3 (campaign) are pretty short! Then I will probably have to complete FFXIII so I can then play FFXIII-2! :)

        I will try and get some MW3 in too, especially if the clan events start and the new DLC due!!

        Good luck with those, they are both pretty big games I imagine!! I only ever see you play MW3 though ;)

    • UFC is the only retail game I can see coming out… Time to pick up stuff missed from last year or year before. Morrisons have a range of games at £5, which may help.

      • February is very, very busy though

      • I did see the Morrisons sale but nothing there took my fancy. Just as well because my backlog is just plain silly!

  7. 1. Yawn
    2. Yawn
    3. Yawn
    4. Sigh
    5. Yawn
    6. YAY!
    7. Yawn
    8. Semi-yawn
    9. Double-YAY!
    10. YAY!


    • I take your yawns and raise you an extra side-order of *sigh*. ;)

  8. Rayman is now £25 in HMV

    • Rayman is less than £20 at GAME and Don’t know why people hate GAME.

      • I do.

        Because for a place which specialises in games, they have they dearest prices which is why game’s companies love them and give them exclusives.

        Of course, Rayman is an exception to this

  9. I think some off peak Uncharted 3 advertisement could push UC3 up in the charts!

  10. Played 8/10 in the list and without a shadow of a doubt Mario Kart is the best. Brilliant game. May rent NFS though. Just to give it a go.

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