Grave Maker Supports iOS/Android/Facebook Cross Platform Play

YoYo Games has announced that Grave Maker, which can now be played in beta stage, will be releasing soon on Facebook, iOS and Android.

The idea is that as only one account is used, the player can start a game on one platform and continue on another. As for the game:

“Players take on the role of the grave digger, who has a surprising talent for bringing the recently deceased back to life, much to the enragement of the local townsfolk.

With baying crowds knocking on the gates, players must build and manage their graveyards in order to raise an army of the undead capable of fending off the angry townsfolk.”

Source: Press Release



  1. Fairly interesting in some respects, the cross platform play always interests me, I often wonder why more games don’t feature it, also the premise is quite an interesting one to me. However, I only have Android, I don’t do fb and don’t own anything ios. Still quite like the sound of this though.

  2. For a moment i thought i will be able to decide for my on gravestone on Facebook now and share it with my friends for likes and comments.

    Very disappointed now

  3. So, you bring people back from the dead to stop the people who are angry at you for bringing them back.. Why don’t you just not resurrect any, then it’s better for everyone. Although the game would be less fun, admittedly. Interesting cross platform though, could be good?

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