Steam Breaks 5 Million Concurrent Users Mark

Valve’s Steam client has had a good beginning to 2012, with the concurrent user peak reaching above 5 million for the first time in Steam’s history. The record was broken on January 2nd 2012 with a total of 5,012,473 users using Steam at the same time.

The push of users could probably be linked to the recent Christmas Sale and Great Gift Pile Giveaway that Steam had going which ended on January 2nd, so it’s likely there was a lot  of last minute shopping and achievement finding to grab the deals before the sale and promotion ended. The winners of the prizes, including the grand prize of every game on Steam, has yet to be publicly announced.

According to the other stats, Skyrim is still the most popular game on Steam and Team Fortress 2 is in 2nd place.

Source: Steam



  1. Ok, that’s impressive.
    Over 5 million at once is a scary load- just think how much data much have been sent out per minute from Steam’s servers.
    (Although I’d like to point out that the default option on Steam has you automatically sign in every time the computer is booted, so that might account for a significant portion of people ‘online’- signed in without opening the Steam window.)
    Especially seeing as the Steam servers are fairly crap in my experience- I have a small enough Hard Disk, so I tend to delete and redownload games a lot, but when I go to download a game, about 1 in 2 or 3 times I’ll get a message saying the servers are too busy.
    And it’s impossible to download anything during the sales.

    • Well, I’ve never had a “servers are too busy message” but yeah, it’s impossible during the first few hours of the sales to do almost anything! They could do with turning more servers on for them.

      • I find that setting my download server to Ireland normally results in full-speed downloads. The Irish don’t seem to use Steam too much, or Steam doesn’t set anyone’s default server to there :P

      • I’ll have to check my default server then- IAM Irish, after all. :P
        I dunno, maybe it’s because I’ve got a third-world version of ‘broadband.’
        One time, playing Battlefield 1943 online, the phone rang and PS3 lost connection. Dial-up, when did you sneak back?

      • And the wording of the phrase might be a bit off, but it’s something to do with them being busy, I’m sure.

  2. PC gaming still dead eh? *sniggers*

  3. Currently if I find myself choosing between the PC or console version of a game, the PC almost always wins due to a large difference in capabilities. .

    Probably over 80% of my gaming lately has been through Steam on the PC whereas just a year or two ago it would have been over 80% on console. I can see myself gaming more and more on the PC until the next Gen consoles come out when it will start to balance again and possibly repeat the above.

    • PC ain’t got that many games though, just the ones they bother to bring over.

      • Not really true at all.

      • Well lately I’ve had the choice of all the games I bought (Skyrim, Deus Ex, MW3, BF3, Dungeon Defenders and Orcs Must Die) all on PC as well as consoles so in general I think things are almost always on PC too unless it is an exclusive in which there are PC exclusives too (although they are exclusive for an entirely different reason) such as Stronghold 3 (as you know!) and many RTS games. The biggest PC only game on the way for me will be the recently announced C&C: Generals 2.

      • If anything it’s the other way around. Most games are bothered to be ported to console by a different publisher or distributer, which can result in the game being not as great of a product.

      • if anything there are more games on the PC just look at steam not to mention the rest of the internet.

  4. The Christmas sale was as always, awesome. I couldn’t believe some of the deals and the give away is even more awesome. One person will win every single game on Steam! That easily explains why so many people were on.

    • Having so many would be mind-boggling, couldn’t even fit that on any affordable Hard-drive in the world…. So glad to have wasted remaining coal on another Valve coupoun >.>

    • Yeah, sucks if they’re a mac user though. They’d get like 6 games :P

  5. I just noticed it around 4 million, surprised that it had hit 5mil….servers where butchered as usual during sales.

    • I reckon I bought about 25 games in the Steam sale, though that includes bundle packs and in many cases extra copies for friends/family.

      The servers are perfectly fine when you live in the GMT+8 timezone :)

  6. That’s impressive. I wish I could experience steam but all attempts to set up an account on my mac have ended in frustration. :(

  7. Ah, Steam, how I fondly miss the games I’ve bought on you. Wish my PC was still working.

  8. Blimey, hard to imagine that most of the online gaming press I read at the time seemed to think that Valve were off their rocker when they launched Steam with Half Life 2.

  9. I would love to buy stuff from Steam but sadly i don’t have a credit card and they don’t have those PSN type cards

  10. have a PC more than capable of running anything they have just prefer console games.

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