FlatOut 3 Reviews Met With Responses From Developer

So both Eurogamer and Edge have reviewed the latest FlatOut title, scoring it (in both cases) a 1/10. Bugbear are out of the equation (having moved onto the latest Ridge Racer) so development duties fell to Dutch studio Team6.

Who aren’t handling the reviews terribly well.


Posts on the Steam forums from the studio’s Ronnie Nelis are causing a little bit of a stir today. “It is clear he copy pasted the review from other reviewers,” he says of Eurogamer’s Rich Stanton, who said that the game was “tacky and technically incompetent” with “no redeeming features whatsoever.”

“I’m calling the Eurogamer guy a liar,” continues Nelis, who says that the game has a fourth update that apparently fixes things like bloom and the overall speed. “He is playing a non-official, old version of the game.”

“It’s not what people see when they purchase the game, thus not representive,” he said.

“I have plenty of positive and happy fanmail to cheer me up again after reading this article, but what bothers me is that he is not telling the truth. Shouldn’t a reporter be fair and tell the truth?” he asks.

TheSixthAxis hasn’t played FlatOut 3 so can’t comment on the game – apparently review copies only went out to press today.



  1. 1/10?! Jesus, must be bad then!

  2. I understand the reaction to the review score. No dev would be happy with that, but to call the reviewer a liar is going a bit far. There’s no evidence of this and what can be gained from lying on a review?

  3. When a game is released it should be hopefully reviewed with near-as-dammit code so the reviewers know what the consumer is getting. Also, make sure there’s a score next to each game. Don’t leave it out (like with GT5).

  4. Bramwell on twitter admitted that they played the game back in December and likely before a recent update which apparently “fixes some issues.”

    Then again, it’s hardly going to made a shit game good. Maybe 2/10?

  5. My favourite quote from the Eurogamer review was “There’s overzealous motion blur throughout, and in Speed mode it’s like your monitor’s coated in Vaseline”.
    I can understand why it got 1/10’s.

  6. Reading the Edge review, he hardly makes it sound like a 1. He has a go at it. But there is no real obvious hatred towards it at all. The Eurogamer review on the other hand. Don’t hold back the punches!

  7. 1/10!? I know EG is known to be very harsh at times but still 1/10. :O If reviewers were playing an older version of your game, then who’s fault is it? ;) They can only review what they have. If the review copies are going out today then what the hell did they send Edge and EG? As i doubt that they would confuse a demo for the real thing.

    • You would think but what game went on to steam and it was actually the old working model. Was all over the net. I know it wasn’t a demo, but people are idiots. Plain and simple.

  8. So if review copies have apparently gone out in the post today what exactly were Eurogamer/Edge reviewing? Seems to be a breakdown in communication somewhere.

    Either way, Game Devs complaining openly about reviews in a public forum is never going to look good.

    • According to Steam, the game was released on December 13, so he could have bought it or it may have been available on his Steam press account, if he has one.

      Makes no sense that they sent review copies out over three weeks after launch.

    • There’s only 1 reason a game would be sent for review weeks after its been released, and that reason is because its shit!

  9. Wowzer, I’m almost tempted to check it out for myself out of pure curiosity now.

    A quick Google search has just made me realised he’s not short of an opinion though, I’m not MW’s biggest fan but he referred to MW3 as a “beta” apparently.

  10. If you want to see how terrible it is, watch THIS and laugh


    • I can’t actually watch that. It’s awful.

      • It’s hilarious how completely broken it is

    • Oh dear…

    • Christ, that’s terrible.

    • Wow, just wow….

    • one of the comments on youtube seems to sum the game up perfectly.
      “one step up from big rigs”

      in case you haven’t heard of big rigs.

      • *pisses self laughing*

      • Wow. Just… wow. And to think I thought Flatout 3 was bad…

    • That’s shockingly bad, it looks unplayable. 1/10 was a kindness.

    • God that guy has such a funny laugh and reactions! Had 5 or 6 of us bunched over a computer watching this video earlier because everyone wanted to know where the funny laugh was coming from.

    • How can they even release it in that state? It’s like the game knows how bad it is and is trying to kill itself.

    • One of the funniest things Ive watched on youtube, the game is so bad, but it did look pretty fun as it was that bad.

    • Now that is ridiculous how could they release it in that state

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