Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Joins EU Vita Launch Line-up

Tecmo Koei has announced that Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will be launching on Vita on the 22nd February. An extension of the PS3 title, Plus will take advantage of Vita’s touchscreen, gyro sensor, and the rear touch pad.

An example of this would be toggling between 1st and 3rd person views, using the gyro sensor to target your enemies and shoot projectiles, and launching stronger Ninpo using the rear touch pad.


I remember playing through the PS3 game and it was certainly a stiff challenge. Hopefully these new tweaks will improve the game even further.

Source: Press Release



  1. Is this the first game? As in, released in 2007, not the 2009 sequel?

  2. I hope they also added Trophies, at least on the Vita they shouldn’t have that bullshit of games that have them and games that don’t for no reason.

    • tbf trophies were an add on, its not a no reason that those PS3 games dont have trophies, its reason is a very simple one, the feature was not around when those games were published.
      gonna be allot of choice come febuary 22nd.

      • Yes but its not all that some games were still released without even after it was bought it _and_ even after it became a mandatory feature

      • *brought in oops

      • What games were released without after they became mandatory?

  3. Its way harder than the sequel never completed it sadly, will give it another try. Love Ninja Gaiden.

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