PlayStation Mag Says PS4 ‘More Powerful’ Than New Xbox

In news that will no doubt shock you to your bones and turn your world upside down, PlayStation magazine PSM3 has said that the next console from Sony, currently happily dubbed the PS4, will be ‘more powerful’ than the next Xbox.  Which doesn’t have an official name yet – at least publicly.  I’m calling it Terry.

Picked up by fellow Future publication CVG, which also features lots of ways to buy the magazine when it’s released next week, PSM3 says that the PS4 will be out mere ‘months’ behind Terry, the latter running off a PowerPC chipset and starring Kinect 2.0 (and hopefully a Dashboard that isn’t utterly horrible to use).


Both machines will be on show at this year’s E3, third parties have indicated, with many speculating that the next generation of consoles, both PS4 and Terry, will be available in 2013.  I’m happy about this, hopefully the new machines will be capable of 1080p in more than about five games, and run at decent framerates in 3D.

Got to feel a bit sorry for Nintendo’s Wii U, mind.



  1. “PSM3 says that the PS4 will be out mere ‘months’ behind Terry”
    That’s going to be the key factor I think, especially if one makes it out for xmas and the other doesn’t. Also, the price will be a key issue, but I’m already assuming the PS4 will be more expensive than Terry.

  2. In other news, city say they’re better than united and salad says its better for you than cake. Rain says its wetter than sun and snow says its colder than fire.

    • And for once PS3 isn’t saying its more powerful than 360.

    • Don’t start on United! :-P

  3. it does make you wonder how a magazine can know so much about the PS4 and “Terry” although Microsoft do seem to be leaning more towards the casual market now that it wouldn’t be surprising if they tried something similer to the Wii with a kinect only control system.

  4. Quote: “Got to feel a bit sorry for Nintendo’s Wii U, mind.”

    Not really, because Nintendo has always been about “fun”. PS and Xbox are becoming more like whole entertainment hubs, cramming social networks and photo galleries into people’s faces as soon as they switch their machines on. Thats not what a gaming machine is all about. In my mind, the Wii nails the word “gaming” perfectly. Try playing a game like SSBB on the Wii on a big TV in a big room. I used to never like the Wii, but once I did this a few days ago, it reminded me of how I missed gaming from back in the late 90’s, and it felt just as good.

    It could be just the nostalgic fact, I don’t know. But whenever I play the Wii over PS3 or 360, the Wii feels more “fun”. More like the past but more modernised and polished. Its a strange feeling, but I never get that with any other current console. Maybe its because I’m not a huge fan of the modern era of social networking and consoles that have to make you toast to be classed as good these days. Just give me a console that does nothing but play games, and I’m all set.

    • P.S Lets hope Terry doesn’t shine a Red Ring like the 360 did, otherwise we may need to change Terry’s name to Rudolph :)

      • Or Kerry Katona. Heard shes got a red ring, must be all those kebabs.

      • Or “bum box”… :p

  5. Will be interesting to see how this pans out. Most people will likely agree that “Terry” will be out before PS4, but by how long will define the next gen. Sony can’t really afford to be nearly 18months behind again (in EU anyway) as its just too much to catch up. Looking at this gen, in a technical manner, the PS3 is better than 360 but how many multiplatform games look better on 360? Basically no matter how the tech is, if you can’t program efficiently for it, then it won’t live up to its potential.

  6. PLAYSTATION magazine in “New PLAYSTATION is better than new XBOX” shocker! – Life goes on.

    • Exactly my thoughts… (elongated +1 comment) It’s a little annoying to think many will take his as fact..

  7. SONY needs to blow-away MicroSoft’s new console with something eye-popping & jaw-dropping i think. I don’t want it to be like this Gen where the PS3 is a bit more powerful than the Xbox 360. That doesn’t mean nothing at the end of the day(yeah PS3 Exclusives look lovely & all that) It needs to be a ‘LOT’ more powerful(lets say over ‘DOUBLE’ the power on the new Xbox. I don’t ask for much do i, LOL) + it needs to be not expensive to;)

    • Needs to come with its own grill too, like every console is ignoring the food industry, PS4 should be able to cook sausages and Golden Drummers.

      If not they should have there own pizza and chippie delivery service, movies are lame, I want Pizza!

      • I know this is a joke but I wouldn’t be at surprised if you could order a pizza from the next consoles.

        I have a feeling each will have their own app store (kind of like apple) and companies such as domino’s can let you download their app and order you a pizza :)

      • Cup holders!

  8. “Terry, […] running off a PowerPC chipset”
    What, like the PS3 does? Cutting Edge ;)

    • Much more modern than x86…

      • The point is, late to the party.

      • Hardly. 360 is PPC, Wii is PPC, WiiU is going to be PPC. PPC has been in every home console this generation, and will probably be in the next too.

      • George, my SB i7 cpu says, “oi, who are you calling old!”

        Of course they’ll go PPC, no one would want to have to learn how to program yet another new chip…

  9. That might also mean more expensive. Kinect 2 sounds interesting. I wonder how much it will be improved and if that will enable a real step-up in terms of what sort of interactivity it’ll provide.

    • (The following statment may or may not be correct)
      Kinect 2.0 apparently comes with a controller.

  10. Nintendo say’s Wii’ll be better than U!

    I’ll be here all week folks.

    • I had a silent laugh. But thank God the week’s almost over then. :-P

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