PlayStation Mag Says PS4 ‘More Powerful’ Than New Xbox

In news that will no doubt shock you to your bones and turn your world upside down, PlayStation magazine PSM3 has said that the next console from Sony, currently happily dubbed the PS4, will be ‘more powerful’ than the next Xbox.  Which doesn’t have an official name yet – at least publicly.  I’m calling it Terry.

Picked up by fellow Future publication CVG, which also features lots of ways to buy the magazine when it’s released next week, PSM3 says that the PS4 will be out mere ‘months’ behind Terry, the latter running off a PowerPC chipset and starring Kinect 2.0 (and hopefully a Dashboard that isn’t utterly horrible to use).


Both machines will be on show at this year’s E3, third parties have indicated, with many speculating that the next generation of consoles, both PS4 and Terry, will be available in 2013.  I’m happy about this, hopefully the new machines will be capable of 1080p in more than about five games, and run at decent framerates in 3D.

Got to feel a bit sorry for Nintendo’s Wii U, mind.



  1. PS4 is on my Day 1 list.

  2. Really interested to see how this plays out.

  3. im calling this now. e3 this year will be announces only, next years e3 the unveiling then the following year will be the launch. don’t need to worry about this for at least 2 years. pissing wars between consoles that done even exist in a marketable state are moot.

  4. I wonder if it would make that much of a difference in 90% of the games. I don’t think third party devs would invest in maxing out ech version so in the emd the PS4 will probably look just like the Xbox version with maybe a few minor tweaks.

  5. How do we even know it will be called PS4? I’m sure some are aware the japanese get superstitious about the number 4.

  6. makes no difference to me because im a gamer and good games are what i want and i refuse to penalise myself by being loyal to one brand.
    whatever time then next gen consoles come out i’ll get em all as i’d rather have fewer high quality games on several machines than 30 titles on a single console which also helps negate the cost of the multiple console purchases.

  7. Here’s something that would solve a lot of problems, make them backwards compatible, as in ALL the way backwards.. Stop trying to sell yesterdays technology lol. I know a lot of people would be really upset if it isn’t backwards compatible at all.

  8. I’ll certainly be getting a PS4 but I’m happy to wait a year or two. I think PS3 is just entering it’s Golden Era.

  9. Getting cynical, I’m not interested in how powerful either is. If they keep producing the same old games but with better textures, resolutions, higher poly counts, etc. etc. then count me out.

  10. Ok, so I think I need a run down of where I can buy these two magazines again. That bit wasn’t made clear

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