Netflix App Now Available for Xbox 360/Wii in The UK & Ireland

This morning we reported that Netflix is now available to use on PS3s in the UK and Ireland. Not wanting to leave anyone out, it seems that the app has now launched on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. The same monthly price of £5.99/€6.99 applies.

If you want it on the Wii you need to download it via the Wii Shop Channel. Apparently the service has yet to be listed on the LIVE Marketplace, but a search using the Bing tool should bring it up.

Source: Eurogamer / Nintendo Life



  1. and the xbox version will no doubt need a gold sub.

  2. Do you need a gold xbl sub to use it on Xbox?

    • According the the UK Netflix site, yes you do need an Gold Xbox Live account.

      • That’s seriously shit.

      • i know, you have to pay to use the service, which has it’s own sub on top.
        it’s ridiculous really.

      • Not trying to troll – but paying for online is the one thing I hate about xbox (and other than the kinect domination and lack of games, is why I won’t buy it). and paying for more on top is just salting the wound really.. :/ It’s such a shame, because the console itself is good, even if I don’t get on with the controllers.

  3. lol ^^

  4. you do in the us so undoubtedly yes

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