Monumental Games Enters Administration

Monumental Games, developer of Moto GP 10/11, has gone into administration. The studio had shifted focus over the last year to browser based games, including Little Horrors which used Monumental’s own Prime engine.

Monumental’s journey has been a bumpy one. In 2010 Monumental had to close its Manchester studio and then let more staff go after a project was unexpectedly cancelled. The company had been looking for companies and partners to help fund and use the Prime engine.


Monumental has a global presence with offices also based in India. The future of Monumental and its staff remains uncertain.




  1. Unfortunately I suspect this will be the first of many in 2012. I genuinely hope I’m wrong, but I suspect it will be a tough 2012 for developers.

  2. Bad performace of Moto GP or maybe high costs could’ve done it sadly (if I remember articles or review? don’t really remember other games), I believe it was the Capcom one that wasn’t the best, people didn’t like it much.

    Shame sad to see another studio go but like John said it depressingly won’t be the last, whos next? you never know :(
    Hope they find new jobs

  3. Good luck to all their employees. Hope they find employment and sucess in the future.

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