Netflix Coming To PS Vita

Netflix, the movie streaming service that went live across the UK and Ireland yesterday, is also heading to the PlayStation Vita, as announced overnight at the CES event.

Sadly, the service is only currently confirmed for the US at the moment, but presumably after this week’s news it can’t be a huge stretch to assume that it’ll also appear on European Vitas.


Rugrats on the move?  Could be awesome.



  1. Would be nice if they could work out a system to download a film for a limited time, say 24hrs so you could watch a decent quailty film while on the move.

    • Yeah I know what you mean, streaming isn’t going to be a convenient option over 3G. I can rent films on my iPad over iTunes.

      I have never used it other than for purchasing but doesn’t the PSN movie rental service allow you to download?

  2. hope lovefilm do a app as well.

  3. If the films stream/download in a good quality and using Vita’s superb screen, this could be a very good portable viewing experience. Hope it comes to EU.

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