Sony Closes Little Deviants Studio

According to Develop, Sony have closed up Little Deviants developers Bigbig (with the minigame compendium still releasing in February) and in the process of restructuring Sony Cambridge.

The latter is to ‘partner’ with Guerrilla Games over in the Netherlands, in order to work – according to the report – on Killzone games for PS Vita.


It’s not clear how many employees are affected by these moves, but we wish them all the best of luck.



  1. What? Oh no.

  2. Oh man they were the guys who did Motorstorm Arctic Edge! Best PSP game to grace the console in my opinion. Best wishes to all of them :/

    • Yeah it sucks ass, Arctic Edge is easily the best racing game on PSP by miles.

      • Behave.
        Arctic Edge is a great game, but Burnout Legends and Wipeout Pure and Pulse are in a league of their own.

  3. That’s a slap in the face, even the game looks meh. I hope Sony are able to redistribute the teams amongst their other studios. Or give’em a bloody good payoff

    • I hope they get a bloody good payoff, and then use the opportunity to start up for themselves and give use some fresh new creative stuff.

      • +1 – the best of luck to them all.

  4. Give them a new Motorstorm you heartle… *sniped*

  5. Two developers in one month, and I liked this one! At points I really hate this industry :P

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed their PSP titles. Hopefully this is merge and not a shutter.

  7. Killzone games? They’re planning more than one?

    Shame they are losing but in tough times, hopefully the good work will survive.

  8. Closed before their game reaches full release!? That’s just mean :/

    • Hopefully Little Deviants sells well, that would be some compensation for their loss atleast…

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