WeView: Final Fantasy XIII

We’re going far back into the mists of time this week. Well, maybe 2010 isn’t really all that long ago, but “the mists of two years ago” really doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? With the launch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 just around the corner (and after the suggestion came from TheLoneSteven) Final Fantasy XIII seems a good bet for this week’s WeView.

Now I know I frequently pick games I haven’t played for WeView, but they’re normally games I have at least a passing interest in. Final Fantasy really doesn’t fall into this category at all, the whole series holds no appeal for me at all. I mean I tried to play Final Fantasy VII but it just didn’t click and nothing I’ve seen of titles since has really drawn me back.

However, enough of my feelings. I’ll pass things over to Peter’s review of the game from back in March of 2010. He was fairly positive about the title, rating it at 8/10. If you prefer your opinions less numerical and more textual then here’s some words that, by a happy coincedence, happen to be about Final Fantasy XIII.

Ultimately your enjoyment of the game will depend on your tastes but for fans of traditional RPG games (and especially for fans of the Final Fantasy series) this should be unmissable. However, for those more casual players or newcomers to the genre it may be slightly overwhelming and the repetitive nature and sheer linearity of the early level design might be quite a disappointment for fans hoping for more from this generation’s first Final Fantasy RPG.

So that’s the view Peter gave in his review of the game but it’s time to hear what you think about the game. Does Final Fantasy XIII fill an RPG shaped hole in your life, or did it you leave you craving something more? Whatever your opinion of the game, you can drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember once you’ve given your thoughts on the game to give your final verdict on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale. If you want to your opinion and verdict to count in the community’s overall verdict next week you’ll need to have everything in by Sunday afternoon at the latest.



  1. The game at first delighted me, but quickly descended into boredom through repitiveness, and I didn’t last beyond the 5 hour mark.
    My sister, on the other hand, rates this as her favourite ever game, and the first game she ever hit over 50 hours (60+ last time I checked).
    So I’d say a good game, but not for everyone. I didn’t buy it (my sister did, collector’s edition).
    RENT IT.

    • I didnt get past the 5 hour mark, I was enjoying it to a point and it just didn’t keep me entertained.
      I don’t think that was the reason I stopped though, I’m not really sure why I stopped playing it. Probably COD.
      I keep meaning to go back to it and I will before I put FFXIII-2 in my ps3. (I am still totally media dark on 13-2 so not to spoil 13)

      I can’t give an opinion based on 5 hours, but I will say that the graphics are superb as is what I’ve heard of the OST.

    • 60? I think i’m over 100, and i hate it.

      • The grinding, i mean.

      • Yeah well, it’s her first time. :P
        Have to ask why you’re playing up to 100 hours if you hate it (or even just the grinding, of which there is a LOT)?

  2. A long time coming, absurd levels of hype, the 360 version e3 shock,and a linear, well decorated tunnel with 30hours of tutorials interspersed with technically excellent yet sterile cgi movies. AVOID IT

    • Don’t see how an E3 reveal of a game can contribute to it being a bad game…

  3. Outstanding game, and easily one of my faveourite games of this gen. It got a lot of stick for its linear story and its hammy characters (Snow!!) but I feel these almost added to the charm of the game.

    Graphically outstanding. Story line was fun and fairly easy to follow, especially with the ingame catalog.

    The fighting could become so technical that I actually thought it surpassed previous FF titles in that respect. Granted, the first 5 chapters are one long tutorial and the fighting is up to that point just click attack, but passed that is a truely memorable and enjoyable experience.

    Needless to say, BUY IT.

  4. I bought this when it first came out as I do like Final Fantasy but something felt off. Graphically it’s amazing, the story is pretty good but it didn’t feel like a Final Fantasy title. I haven’t completed it because I got stuck on a boss and haven’t gone back to fight it. It is a good game but with the Final Fantasy name attached I expected more.

    Bargain Bin It

  5. I just couldnt finish it. I played and played, waiting for the game to open up and become the game I hoped it would be. It never happened. The freedom to develop my characters came in so late in the game that I gave up.
    Unlike a lot of my friends though, I really liked the characters. they all had their quirks and charms. The kids could be annoying, but this reflects some kids in real life surely? Its worth a play if you are a hardcore RPG fan, but the linear development and story may put many off.
    I would say rent it, but because its such a long game BARGIN BIN IT.

  6. As a new comer to the FF series, I didn’t really know what to expect. Sure, I’d watched my older brother pour hours into earlier titles when I was much younger, but that had largely been forgotten. The pre-rendered cut scenes are unrivalled graphically in my opinion, and indeed I have been known to turn this game on just to watch the opening scene. The story, well I’ll put it this way, I had no idea what was going on at any point, who these people were, who they were fighting against, and why I should care (for the first 20 hours or so at least). The first half of the game is incredibly linear. That said, I did have a lot of fun with this game, the enemies were great, combat system, if a little simple, worked well, and I did warm to some of the characters (others were just plain annoying). Incidentally, I didn’t actually complete this game. I got 2/3 the way through the final boss, got killed, and haven’t tried it since.
    My verdict, bargin bin it. I would say rent, but I don’t think that would give ample time to play it.

  7. Peter pretty much nails it, it depends on what your after from an rpg and to a greater extent what you want from a final fantasy game.
    For me it’s all about story and characters, which i feel XIII delivers.
    The story has enough twist and turns to keep you in the dark as to whats truely going on untill the last chapter, allthough it may require abit of ingame reading to fully understand.

    The chatacter development is what makes me enjoy this game, as you start to see the characters motives for how they behave you wish for their lives to change for the better and for them to grow as a person. Such as vanille being overly joyful to hide a secret or hope coming to terms with a loss. By the end of the game they’ve come a long way from who they once were.

    Where the game suffers and is where most of the complaints come from is the actual gameplay. The battle system is good and gets complex when trying out harder missions later on, but for the most part thats the only gameplay which leads to the game feeling dull untill chapter 11.

    The leveling system itself is also linear with no real choice in what you should take, it’s more a case of do i get that skill now or 10 enemies later.

    So my verdict is Rent it and see if you like it before u buy (if at all)

  8. The thing I most enjoyed about FFXIII, which I wouldn’t have expected going into it, was the battle system. The plot was passable and the characters varied from brilliant (Sazh) to unbearable (Vanille).

    Despite the linearity, I did enjoy this iteration, but it’s low down on my ranking of Final Fantasy games – Peter’s score of 8/10 sums up the mark I’d give it nicely. However, I know it wasn’t a game to the tastes of many, as well.

    As a result, I’m going with Bargain Bin it.

  9. I bought it like 6-7 months ago for about 10 pounds.
    I played it. I really enjoyed it. I never was too bored with it. The battle system is great. The story isn’t the best but good. As in all Japanese RPG there are characters that you love and those you annoy.
    Great game. Great Final Fantasy.
    Non FF players = Bargain Bin It
    FF players = Buy It

  10. I came to Final Fantasy with FFVII and have loved and loathed various of its iterations since (with FFXII in the loved pile and FFX in the loathed). After the excellent battle system and neatly-executed script for FFXII I was really looking forward to FFXIII. Unfortunately, I hated it so much I couldn’t get past the first 10 hours. Even so far into the game, I still deeply embedded in tutorial-land. What’s more, for me the dialogue and characterisation was some of the weakest in FF for a long time. It may well be that the game improved hugely at some point just after I traded the disc in and I know a lot of people said at the time that “it gets brilliant after about 50 hours” but I really don’t see why any game should expect so much dedication from a player before it really starts showing off its tricks.

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