Wii Balance Board Gets a Guinness World Record

I remember buying Wii Fit at launch, when spare cash was plentiful and I had no children to clutter up my living room with toys, books and goodness knows what else. To be honest it wasn’t particularly great, unless you enjoy Yoga, but that hasn’t stopped it selling like hot baked goods.

In fact, it has sold so well (41.98 million units) it has entered the world record books as the best selling “personal weighing device”. It must have been a hotly contested category…

Source: Press Release



  1. pity the poor weighmaster 5000, that sold 41.96 million, the team at the factory were gutted. ^_^

    anyway, i bet if they checked, they could give the balance board the record for most dust collected as well. ^_^

    still, kudos to nintendo i suppose.

    • Can a super white board even get so dusty O.o?

      • Mine has a fine collection of dust, only use it ever gets is to check luggage weight before a holiday.

  2. What, 41,98 millions, woav that is highly impressive for an addon which hasn’t been cheap over the years.

    I got one to, had lot of fun with it in Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, but doubt I ever going to use it again :P

    • aastonished…well played? I’ll get my coat….

  3. Remember buying one at launch and having some rather entertaining evenings with mates, but since then it’s not been used and will likely be sold to help pay for a Vita. An impressive record nonetheless considering its price.

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