Razer Reveals Gaming Tablet

Razer has revealed a new tablet designed specifically for gaming. Powered by an Intel Core i7, it’ll also feature a multi-touch screen, as well as accelerometers and force feedback.

More unusual though are the two analog sticks stuck to the side! Expect it to ship by the end of the year. Take a look at the trailer below.

Source: Razer



  1. Saw this earlier today. I actually thought this was just an addon for any Windows 8 tablet. Well, it’s still in the concept stage but if the sticks have to be attached at all times I can’t see this working. People want slim/portable tablets. Not something as bulky as this. It’s running Windows 8. You can connect any USB game pad to it. Why bother with this?

  2. Yay under $1000

  3. Looks like it’s got 2 Move controllers strapped to the side of it!

    • yeah looks like 2 move navigation controlls :D

  4. Please let it launch with the “fiona” name! that would be awesome.

    Seriously though, I can’t see the market for this. I’m guessing battery life would be woeful for a start.

    • With the 3DS and Vita not selling as well as expected I can’t see this selling well.

      • and for a bag of sand, just mental. I wouldn’t pay more than a monkey.

  5. I thought it was April 1st for a minute there.

  6. Having read the stuff on their website, this could be awesome. Talk of steam support is a huge step forward.

    It’s being billed as a gaming tablet, so it’s going after its own niche in the market. Price permitting, I’m seriously interested in this.

  7. WTF seriously?? This looks awful. They could have at least integrated the buttons into the tablet itself, instead of sticking two Nav controllers on the sides.

    • Yup, dreadful. Barely portable and frankly I think it would even be awkward to hold if you were not using the sticks.

  8. I don’t think it’s a completely terrible idea (I’m guessing the bits can be taken apart for individual use) but surely the position of the actual controls is a little high?

  9. Don’t ‘get’ tablet gaming.
    My iPad doesn’t get use as a games device (well, not much anyway).
    In order of usage: internet time-wasting, kindle/newstand, study (the reason I bought it), media playback (videos, or music when I want to save my Nokia’s battery) and only THEN, games.

    And you can’t take PC gaming, and put it on a machine which is in no way physically capable of it.
    First: That’s more than likely not enough buttons.
    Secondly, the controls are too far apart, and are also too far off the edge of the tablet to allow touchscreen use.
    Thirdly, the screen would be too close when you’re playing. A vita or DS can get away with it because it’s smaller.

    Maybe tablets would be better with buttons, but then they’d lose convenience for everything else.

    Not to mention, this device is perfect for making you look like the biggest nob on the train. Never mind in the lecture hall…

  10. Agh, MUTE! MUTE! Quick, mute that effin racket! Why do some people insist upon putting their favourite guitar/rock tracks on trailers to make their products appear really ‘hard’? I really can’t stand that sort of music so the trailer’s instantly lost my attention.

    • Its Hardcore, pro musik made for the gaimz…. really typical trailer from Razer its yet another awful one

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