The Darkness II Demo Coming Soon

It has been announced that a demo of The Darkness II will be hitting LIVE, PSN and Steam ahead of the game’s February 10th release. Gold LIVE members and those with a Steam account will be able to download it on January 24th, with the EU PSN getting it on January 25th.

We’ve been play-testing certain elements of the game, and hope to have a write-up soon.


UPDATE: Please note some of the above dates are incorrect. The LIVE Gold demo will be on January 17th. LIVE Worldwide, US PSN and Steam will be January 24th. EU PSN will be January 25th.

Source: Press Release



  1. Interesting, another demo released ahead of release, that’s how it should be really. Got the first game off PS-Store yesterday, looking forward to play it today and crossing it off my “to play before end of world in december”-list.

  2. Should be good to get another demo. Bit sparse sometimes. The game looks interesting. Annoying how we all get it at different times though.

  3. Europe last again!

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