UFC Undisputed 3 ‘Roster’ Trailer Released

THQ has released a new trailer for UFC Undisputed 3, this time showing off the roster.


I don’t think that the trailer shows the preorder bonus fighters which includes Nick Diaz, Jason Miller, Brian Stann and Phil Davis. The trailer also doesn’t show Alistair Overeem, who will be available through a Facebook promotion.

The trailer proudly claims 150 fighters from UFC and Pride in game, as well as 7 weight classes.  I have been informed that there will be over 150 fighters.

Source: Press Release/Youtube


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  1. Looking forward to this, tried playing some of the old style beat em ups recently (KOF/SF/SC) and just can’t get on with them after playing the UFC games. Really hope this improves on 2010 (which I loved) as the fight sim is the direction that most interests me in the beat ’em up genre these days. Peace!

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