File Sizes For Sony’s Vita Launch Titles Revealed

We’ve had a few people asking about which Vita memory card to get when the system launches over here in the UK, and we’ve just got the initial batch of first party games through, which should go some way to illustrate just how large these games can be.

Here’s a quick list:

  • WipEout 2048: 1.6GB
  • Reality Fighters: 670MB
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss: 3.3GB
  • Everybody’s Golf 6: 1.2GB
  • ModNation Racers: 1.4GB
  • Little Deviants: 1GB

That’s over 9GB if you’re just picking up the download versions of Sony’s first party retail games, so you can see that it’s the 16GB that you should be aiming at along with the console itself. Of course, all of the above can be bought on cartridge, and you’ll just need a card big enough to store saved games and patches.

We’ll have reviews of all these games starting very soon indeed.

Please note that the sizes may be subject to change.


  1. Looks like I won’t be downloading those anyway, just PSP games really.

  2. What’s the biggest one you can get?

    • 16GB but you can import the 32 GB from US.

  3. I’m going for the 4GB (or 8, which is the smallest.) All of my games will be purchased via retail, and though I understand that somewhere down the line I will need more storage for Minis, demos etc, hopefully it won’t take long for a MicroSD adapter to crop up.

    • I expect there’ll be some on-card DRM on the Vita cards. If so, adaptors are unlikely to appear.

    • PSP games too

  4. glad Im going to the states in July will pick up a handful of memory cards from over there

    • And the yanks still call the memory cards expensive…

      • haha yeah

        “Ow moy guuod! Ah cayn’t bah-laeve dease meomory coards cuwast tsssweany bocks!” (which is only about £10-£15 in propper money)

      • “pluwas tsssseax” which’ll add on an extra 2% or whatever tiny amount they pay over there.

      • 7% tax on to of how ever much they’ll be

      • You’re looking at $59.99c for the 16gb and $99.99c for the 32gb +tax, fatty. Not much cheaper but the choice of a 32gb is a boon.

        @ I talk about games. I live in the US and I’ve never met any American who sounds anything like that and it’s a common misnomer that the US gets everything cheaper. They don’t. Some things are cheaper, some aren’t and having lived on both sides of the Atlantic, from a financial standpoint the UK is far better with respect to the video-game industry.

      • Good lord, an American accent? Possibly a Bugsy Malone era Moll singing some Ragtime song just before getting Tommy gunned down.
        @Aerobes Indeed, Fuel and Food are the only cheap commodities in the US as far as I am aware, which is in stark contrast to the misconception that most Europeans have of their economy.

    • Was that supposed to be an American accent? If you’re going to try to take the piss (and fail), at least get your own spelling in order. Proper.

  5. Those sizes don’t look so bad, really. Even with 8GB you could carry around 3 or 4 games, and you don’t really need everything ever on your device.

    If you can afford it, though, definitely go with 16GB, as I hear that game management and storage via your PS3 is a total pain in the bum.

    • I wonder if, when you’re taking games on and off a memory card like that, you have to download them fresh each time you want to put them on the card?

      Ideally (for me) anyway you could download them to the PS3 and keep them there, then choose what to load on to the Vita. I’ve no idea if it works like that though!

      • That’s what used to be the way with PSP games that I downloaded, but the recent patch ballsed that up.
        Hopefully it’ll let us do it for Vita…

  6. Wow! 3.3 Gig for Uncharted. Got to be very picky and choosy with what you download then if you are going for the digital versions.

  7. Is there any form off data storage already on the vita or do you need a memory card to do any sort of saving like the psp?

    • Mem card needed, some games will have room on card to store saves.

  8. Vita shoulda had 8GB built in from the start.

    • Yes, and perhaps there should have been versions with 16GB aswell.

      • Yup, Sony simply have to make stupid decisions to cancel out their good ones

      • good ones? o_O


  9. I suppose each time there is some upcoming DLC that content will be patched onto the mem card regardless of whether you are buying the DLC or not, which means even less space left on your card.?

    • If they do that for items you won’t ever see it’s a bad move. One thing is for stuff you might need for online, like DLC cars in an online race if you race against someone that bought one, but if they make us download missionpacks we don’t need it’ll suck.

  10. Since I almost always buy a physical game over a download, I’ll luckilly need the smallest size I guess. Unless they have installs like most older PS3 games?

    • i can’t imagine Vita games needing installs, they’re stored on solid state memory so they probably wouldn’t be an advantage to it.

    • I don’t know not many PSP games had installs, later in life we could be seeing those for many of the Vitas biggest games.

      I’m sure it won’t be like PS3 with different hardware and all.

      • that’s still loading from a disc though, a long way from solid state memory.

        that’s one thing cartridges have over discs, the speed, the disadvantage is the price.
        and of course power requirements, solid state doesn’t need moving parts.

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